Lethal Lyon strikes late for ire g to drop ‘Dales’

Fire G Greystones 2-12

Vondel 0-16

A late moment of magic from ire g’s Leon Brown snatched victory for Greystones men against a grappling and much better Avondale side in Group 1 of the Lightning Protection Ireland Senior Hurling Championships on Saturday evening at County Grounds.

The win sends the Greystones men into a winner-takes-all clash with Carneau Emmets, with the winners qualifying for a semi-final against the top side in Group 2, most likely after Glenley the Reds attributed to Kilteghan. Friday evening encounter.

It was a classic smash-and-grab effort from the Fire Egg men after Avondale pushed the level and then moved ahead in time with points from Dean Gahan and Ross Ward.

fatal blow

But then the hard-working Stephen ‘Chester’ Kelly dropped a bomb deep at the end of the dressing room. Anto Bayern gathered and caught Brown, who had the instinct and ability to play the ball in the air, and left Tom Finn behind for the match-winner.

Before that sweet final whistle from Max Molloy, however, there would be a moment of serious danger at the other end, as Avondale’s manager Ray Nolan, who entered the field in the first half and contributed well for the ‘Dales’, fired in one Gave. Wicked shot to goal only to see it saved by the cautious Dan O’Neill.

A few seconds later, three loud bangs were heard and a wave of relief ran over the Fire Egg livery, while it would have been heartbreaking for Avondale who came so close to snatching a win.

big moment

However, Ray Nolan’s side would be left to wonder if this was a game where a single controversial moment proved their undoing long before Leon Brown swung sweetly into the dying moments, but with no match video, this The debate on the 51st minute actually exceeding Dan O’Neill’s goal limit can never really be decided.

The move began when Eoin Baker robbed a blaze of fire from the field. He fed Shane Byrne, who was fouled. The very impressive Zach Cullen found Mulconry free and the delicious hurler weaves his magic through the Greystones defense before freeing a sizzler toward O’Neill’s goal. The ball hit the crossbar and came down and went towards the corner flag. Max Molloy was taking advantage and called the play back for free. However, Ray Nolan, who had followed the game, and his colleagues immediately pointed to the side netting, saying that the ball had gone through the side netting behind the line and past the post.

After consultation with the umpire, referee Max Molloy ruled that the ball had not crossed the boundary and Mulconry had free standing. It was a huge moment in the game. A goal here would have made it from 1-12 to 1-12, with nine normal and the momentum swinging significantly in Avondale’s favor.


It was a much better performance from both sides after their opening day losses to Bray Emmets and Carneau Emmets with the return of Anto Bayern, while Avondale had a healthy spread of scorers and played some impressive hurling in some parts. ,

With Mick Walsh and Leon Brown grabbing crucial three-pointers for the Greystones in crucial moments, his tally of 15 wides would prove costly by the end, as would the lack of a key.

A low-scoring opening quarter allowed a small but vocal crowd to organize for a fierce fight at the County Grounds. He had to first try to understand the whole mess which was the schedule of the match but once that headache settled it was all about the action. It seems so strange that clubs cannot supply two exact team and sub lists before a senior hurling championship game, in fact any game when all is said and done. Such errors show the lack of organization.

It went from 0-3 to 0-3 after 17 minutes. Lively James Cranley opened the scoring with Shane Nolan for the fire egg after three, saving the brilliant Tom Finn and Cranley before Sweet Score could play.

Avondale had a wide from Eamon Cairns, was wearing a 9, but listed as 8, and responded with a peach for ‘Dells to Level Matters’ and one from Jack Cullen (free) before Jack Manley was.

Cullen fired Avondale shortly after with a missile from inside his own 65, but a stormy run from Stephen Kelly released Nathan Unwin, who fired at level 10 after.

A clever ball from Zack Cullen from Torna Mulconeri ended with the midfielder pushing Avondale back, but four wides would follow for the Rathdrum men before leveling halfway after James Cranley’s 17.

A steal of class from Ross Ward on James Cranley afforded the Avondale attacker to split the positions but Shane Nolan provided a pass to Cranley that resulted in a good score to make it 0-4 to 0-4 after 21 found. Low scoring but entertaining and honest fare.

into the fray

Avondale’s manager Ray Nolan felt a change was needed and positioned himself in the middle of the field along the way to make Wesley O’Toole. Eamonn Kearns pushes it to the centre-forward.

Seconds later the ‘Dales were almost on target when Dan Owens carried Mulconeri, but his shot was saved by Dan O’Neill, while a moment won by Eugene Dunne would move away from positions that were a It was an expensive spell. Avondale.

The Greystones also had their worthless spells, hitting nine wides in total, two of them at this point, but a foul by Billy Cudihy on Dan Owens gave Zack Cullen a good chance and he made it 0-5 to 0- Took up to 4 to make.

ire g looked impressive at times and his next score was a perfect example. O’Neill’s restart was assembled by Anto Bayern, he fed Cranley and the white flag was waving after 27 minutes.

However, Avondale strengthened the half with points from Mulconeri, Eamon Kearns and Dan Owens to drop it from 0-8 to 0-5 at the break.

Anto Bayern started the second half perfectly for Air Egg, driving on a dream score from the sideline on the stand side, but Jack Manly responded with a handsome score of his own as Avondale swept down the ground. Quite settled to play against the strong wind.

Two more Avondale wides would follow before the more expressive hurling from Fire Egg ended with a cranberry point and the same man would receive a free bag for pulling Fire g within one, from 0-9 at 0-8, in the second half. Five left.

They were level 60 seconds later. Cranley found Anto Bayern after a long ball, who fed it to Shane Nolan, who knocked it down Cranley from 0-9 to 0-9.

Tom Finn gathered finesse from a cranly free second, before a bombshell from Eugene Dunne gave Avondale a thin lead.

When Max Molloy understood that he had caught the ball from Mick Walsh, the same man took a free cough in the next move. Cranley bound for the score, while Dunn’s protest over his innocence was vocal and prolonged.

A graceful passage of play gave Avondale his next freebie, with Ray Nolan central to the fluid-swept movement in the field. Zach Cullen went from 0-11 to 0-10 after 12.

Eamon Kearns had his shot for the goal blocked by Billy Cudihy, but Zack Cullen swung on a free after a foul on himself and things were looking very positive for the ‘Dales’.

change in progress

Things would have turned around 120 seconds later with a point from Andy Walsh and a wicked goal from Brother Mick, who fired with a 17 in the bottom corner of Finn’s net to propel Fire Egg from 1-11 to 0-12. Gave.

Avondale responded brilliantly on the field but could not record it on the scoreboard. He added two wides and then saw what he realized was a goal from Torna Mulconeri that was brought back into the free which was duly converted by Zack Cullen.

The same guy leveled the game again after 24 (free) and points from Cranley and Dean Gahan left us for an exciting end after 28 minutes with the sides level at 1-12 to 0-15.

The Avondale faithful had much to shout about when Eugene Dunne found Ray Nolan and the magician chose Ross Ward who sent him ahead with the clock ticking full time.

came back ire g. Chester, Long to Anto, Flick to Brown, Pull, Magic Wand, Strike, Goal! 32 on the clock.

Another play. Dan Owens plays a long ball for Ray Nolan. ‘Fiddler’ gathers, turns, strikes, the rocket is on its way. Headlines are writing themselves. The manager kicks himself off the bench and scores the winning goal. But Dan O’Neill, like a giant human eraser, erased all those headlines by stopping the shot and making sure Arrey Ogg’s championship dreams were saved.

Heartbroken for Avondale but what an improvement, what an obstacle! There it is. The potential is there. The ingredients are there. The manager is there. The passion is there. No doubt.

ire g Now Carneau will face Emmets in a do-or-die battle. It has the potential to become a cracking game.

Avondale: Tom Finn; Eoin Baker, Conor Sheehan, Keith Byrne; Ross Ward, Eugene Dunn (0-1), Shane Byrne; Zach Cullen (0-7, 5f), Eamon Kearns (0-1); Torna Mulconeri (0-1), Dean Gahan (0-1), Ross Ward (0-2); Wesley O’Toole, Dan Owens (0-1), Jack Manley (0-2). Subsequent members: Ray Nolan for W O’Toole (21), Anthony O’Toole for D’Owens (33, inj).

ire g Greystones: Dan O’Neill; Neil Brown, Billy Cudihy, Michael Arrigan; Nathan Unwin (0-1), Stephen Kelly, Peter Keane; Egan Potts, Sean Lawless (0-1); James Cranley (0-9, 3f), Mick Walsh (1-0), Leon Brown (1-0); Andy Walsh (0-1), Anto Byrne, Shane Nolan. Subs: Bill O’Toole for S. Nolan (30).

Referee: Max Molloy (Annakura)