Letia Wright has forever refused to promote anti-vaccine views on the Wakanda seat.

few days ago , Letia Wright. Following the revelation that the actress will promote her anti-vaccine stance on the set. Black Panther: Wakanda forever.. The translator, who had earlier decided to delete his comments against the COVID-19 vaccine on social networks, has now refused to share his opinion on Marvel’s filming.

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An article in The Hollywood Reporter claims that Wright was spreading his anti-vaccine views on the set of the sequel. Black cheetah. A little over a week later, the actress resolved the issue by denying the information.

I was saddened to hear an article by the Hollywood Reporter published on October 6, 2021. The article discusses my behavior on the set of Black Panther 2.

I honestly confirm that this is completely wrong, “Starr posted on Instagram.

Anyone who knows me or works with me knows that I work incredibly hard on my skills and my main goal is always to do something that is effective and inspiring. This has been and will remain my only focus. I will continue to lean on God’s hands and on the scriptures of Isaiah 54:17. I focus on my healing. Thank you for your prayers. And I keep praying for God’s love, peace and happiness for all of you. God bless you, “he added.

As the Hollywood Reporter revealed, Disney has implemented an identification system that controls each worker’s vaccination status. The guidelines state that the company will request a bracelet to fully identify the vaccinated person and those who do not have a complete guideline or who have not been vaccinated
They will be able to use the bracelet.

In particular, these protocols do not apply to ongoing shootings, so Black Panther 2 is not in the cast theory.
Subject to this policy

Wright has spoken out against the vaccine in the past.

I don’t understand the vaccine from a medical point of view, I’ve always been a little skeptical about them, “the actress declared, admitting that she is” concerned “about the ingredients that could be injected. ۔

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