“LGBTIQ agenda +, a history story”

As a result of a “correspondence” to the diversified trans, Salma Luévano, one of the two prime ministerial transgender people in a federal deputation, has the capacity to discredit the cargo and argue that the diversification is not possible.

In the con لا رزونmencionó que, a pasar de contar entre las curules con personas pertenecientes a la comunidad LGBTIQ +, la agenda para legislar en fava de esta es un tema intrascendente para la mayoría de las y los integrates de la Camara de diputoosado me banana hay discriminación.

Considering that the archetype of the “archetype of the agenda” sea is not allowed, there is a possibility that the debate will center on new prescriptive initiatives.

¿Cuáles son las deudas que tiene el poder Legislativo con esta comunidad? One of the two histories is the archetypal agenda; The agenda LGBTIQ + is one that they have not been interested in. If we have any alias, alias and alias that we have allowed to appear in public politics, the reality is that no son of time is complete and the form is integral, as it really is. Unfortunately, like this is an agenda that the legislators and legislators have no interest in, this is an agenda that does not matter, in many words, and there is a lot of resistance. It lives day after day, all this resistance, all this discrimination.

Is there such resistance within your bank, Morena? Yes, they also have the same banquet of Morena. The three of them said, “But I will say yes and no, I will say goodbye and I will say goodbye, but in this case, desperately I will not forget my sister Morena, this is resistance, but we will not be able to share any more.” , is a theme of human beings and that is the essence of understanding.

Aqua no entra en el tema de los derechos humanos y debe de entr.

What is it that is wrong to see concretes in favor of the community? The effects are traced in the image as the dignified laboratories of education and espionage. It is not a theme that we tend to think of as being, because we are all human beings and we have our dreams like everybody, everybody and everybody.

¿De qué manera vamos a dar visibilidad? pues que las hermanas and hermanos trans occupen todos los espacios. The standard in all normalization is that it is normal, sensible and we allow avanzar. We are in these specifications of your decisions, we are working on the reforms. The education will allow the normality of what is normal. There are so many taboos and so many assumptions, which desperately have allowed the creation of odorless discourses, that they conceive in the antecedents of the odd creams.

There is a new period of sessions; What do you think about the LGBT agenda and others, because of the President’s initiatives? No time, no more business. I will not allow you to ignore the archetypal agenda and that you will not have to worry about the message; However, this is a serious compromise. If you want to get rid of the societal civil parameter presided over this rub. Tengo mucha fe.

Even if you have initiatives that are bad, ¿is there a defender and discus? All my life he hides in contracurrent, not something that preocupe me. I like the retos, the luchas and something else here, because of the jurisprudentially these specs. And as he always says, the story and the feeling hem avanzado; Let’s get together, talk and feel welcome.

If he looks at the canister Marcelo Ebrard; ¿Cuál es su “corcholata”? Oh my Why not search? Tango la capsidad. The dilemma has to do with having a President trans and we are working on it too, because there is always a correspondence to the diversity trans. I heard the tinge for part of my gente and no somos pocos, sino millones. But, quiz, this is even more adventurous, because my compromise now is to visualize the LGBT agenda; If the times are dan, levantaré la mano.

Which vendor is on the agenda? Trouble for blocks. The first is the identification of gene, matrimonial matrimony, specificity of odds. You can’t go without it before, because there’s more to come!

In the Senate, we agree that it is urgently necessary to implement the necessary legal reforms to guarantee justice and protection of the integrated LGBTIQ + community, the modus operandi of life and love is not motivated by discrimination.

L Opening L Parliament Juvenile LGBTIQ + 2022, L Vice President de la Kumara Alta, Jose Narro Cespedes, Manifesto que es nesario frenar el discurso de odio.

The senator recorded more that everyone persists in intolerance and the shortcomings of respecting the publicity of groups of the public, because they are prompted by the law to guarantee the security of this sector.

In the same misunderstanding, the President of the Senate, Olga Sánchez Cordero, who appeared in a video message, agreed to recognize the diversity in Mexico.

The senator of the Ciudadano Movement, Patricia Mercado, organizer of this parliament, recorded that there is a long list of legislative relations with the association of LGBTIQ +, as well as the protection of the derogatory law. atención de conversion.

With information from Magali Juárez