Líder indígena llama a evitar actos vandalicos

Quito The Maximus Líder of Ecuador convincing the Juveniles to not come into action in the Marcos of the Impulses by the Confederacy of Indigenous peoples who have been left behind 12 secs. ciudades, especially Quito, where new events are registered.

Poco despised by the Casa de la Culture, the traditional reunion of the indigenous peoples who have been suffering from 12 days of protests, the legendary indigenous Leonidas Iza decided to pursue the mediation of the indigenous peoples, 0, yes This paro se cae (el gobierno) is not our problem “, in reference to the decade of plant demand for this movement.

“We don’t know what we’re going to do, we’re going to die, we’re going to have other opportunists … and we’re going to gossip and our demands aren’t going to go away,” he said.

Miles of indigenous SE positions at the end of this specialty, which will be based on the revolutions of October 2019 that were brought to the attention of President Lennon Moreno to the decree of institutional and retroviral estimation. The reason for the protests of the Governorate is that there is a sense of urgency in this initiative.

From the discourses of the dirges and the pronouns of the hazard marches to the pacifics, a manifestation of the masculine to the caracana assembly, which establishes without functions, and chokes with cordons with cordless symbols. , copolis, lacrimógenos de gases.

The manifestations are affecting the sectors of the Andean economy, especially the authorities.

The state Petroecuador informed him about the news that the protests had resulted in the production of 40% of petroleum products, 451 million 914 barrels, of the camps of the provinces of Orellana and the coordination of 78, at 45 points per month. Millions of dollars, are the estimates of the empire. The chiffra does not contemplate the dais to the infrastructural petrol, robots and equipments, among other accusations, indications.

We also saw the operation of the principal oleuducto país, the transceiver, the various centers of the electric generator of petrochemicals and the oleoductus more. This semana is an empire declaring the mayor of the state to evade demand and more because of the inclusion of the crude entity. Petroleum is the main product of this country.

I hope to distribute combustibles if he has lost the custodian of the public fuerza, but has to go to the blocks, the tanks will not always be in his place.

It has always been said that “any person who is hating enemies wants to perceive the lucha, because there are cowards (deteners) and controllers … we can’t tolerate that we don’t have our lucha”.

Manifesto that those enemies can take the lead to the demigods and that the proprietorship of their capital at the expense of the millions of Ecuadorians “do not believe in the politics of the Governorate”.

The protests, officially pacifistically, the violent violence from the lunes with ataques to bienes privados, vehículos, inclusive ambulances, as well as secrets and negotiations.

The fuerza is publicized to the defenses and is infested with lacrimal gonads, cueos blocs are excused from aliens, gas and gasoline in various citadels.

Attending one of the pedigrees of the indigenes, the Ministry of Gobierno, Francisco Jiménez, said that the goblins authorized that the demonstrators from the Congregation in the Casa de la Culture should be able to hold assemblies “or that they could be assembled”

Sealal que la decisi sen se tomó “en aras del dialogo y de la paz y tiene como único propasito que cesen los cierres de vías, las manifestaciones violentas, los ataques en distintos lugares del país de la país y y revvista de de distintos lugares de la país de la país y.

The citadels of Ibarra, Cayambe, Otavalo, Latacunga, Ambato and Cuenca, among the most important ones, do not have to deal with the reservations of gasoline and gas from its domestic and the provision of aliments that are debilosodotes debts, automation.

The Confederation of Initiatives on the 14th of June organized a national protest against the reduction of the precision of gasoline from 2,55 dollars to 2,10 dollars per gallon, the precision of products for declaring products to reduce the price of gasoline between cultures. Part de Una Agenda D10 ExxonMobil.

The Corporal Electricity of Ecuador denounced the nucleus of miércoles in a communicative that has more than 300 indigenous elements an important state of the province of Tungurahua, clearing the system of high-tension connections. This installation is basic for the abstraction of the port city of Guayaquil. The operators of the state are retained by the demonstrators.

The edification of the Fiscal General with a fuerte resguard the military luego that the manifestations of the two dossiers segudos, ingrasaron a sus instalaciones y destruyeron algunos documentos de esa instugan eugus. de la instugadosti. Exploratory discussions of the late Rafael Correa (2007-2017).