Lifer, who shot a policeman in 2003, found guilty of injuring a prison guard

The killer who shot a police officer in 2003 has been found guilty of injuring a female prison officer with a “deadly” makeshift weapon.

Former US Marine and bodybuilder David Bieber used a jagged iron bar to repeatedly stab Alison Smith in 2017 while he was serving a life sentence for the murder of PC Ian Broadhurst and the attempted murder of two of his colleagues.

PC Broadhurst was shot at point-blank range in Leeds on Boxing Day 2003 while he and other PCs were checking out a suspected stolen car.


HMP Long Lartin, near Evesham, where David Bieber attacked a prison guard (Jacob King/PA)

In a week-long trial at Worcester Crown Court, it was said that it was only through luck that Ms Smith escaped life-threatening injury or even death as she used her hand to protect her head at HMP Long Lartin, near Evesham, Worcestershire.

After a two-day deliberation, the jury acquitted Bieber of attempted murder, but found him guilty of intentionally injuring and possession of a prohibited weapon.

During the trial, Bieber stated that the attack on Long Lartin on 10 August 2017 was an act to return the transfer to HMP Belmarsh in London.


West Yorkshire Police Officer Ian Broadhurst shot dead in the line of duty in 2003 (Archive/PA)

The jury was shown video footage of the attack, but did not know of Bieber’s previous murder conviction until after their verdicts.

The 56-year-old chose not to attend the trial, instead testifying via video link from HMP Wakefield in West Yorkshire.

He said at the hearing that, as a former Marine, he could quickly kill Ms. Smith with his bare hands, and put on a “show” in which he “delivered blows.”

Although he acknowledged that the weapon received from another prisoner was “lethal”, he said it was necessary to make the incident serious enough to force a transfer.


Medical examiners search the scene of a 2003 murder in Deeb Lane, Leeds. (John Giles/Archive/PA)

But prosecutors have argued that Bieber’s trial report was an act designed to cover up his attempts to “retaliate against the prison service” after prison doctors withdrew his pain and anxiety medications.

Opening the case early in the trial, prosecutor Simon Phillips said Bieber was returning from the library when he grabbed Ms Smith from behind, leaving her bleeding from cuts to her face and right arm.

Bieber, who had a “trusted role” as a janitor at the time of the attack, denied attempted murder, the alternate charge of wounding, and the weapon-related charge.

Mr. Phillips told jurors that Bieber targeted Ms. Smith’s face and neck, while witnesses described the convicted killer saying, “You the hell with my meds, I’m going to kill a bitch.”

Mr. Phillips said of Ms. Smith: “Luckily for her, she instinctively raised her right hand to deflect blows.

“It is clear that the weapon touched her arm and also hit her in the face.

“Perhaps this is aptly described as a frenzied attack.”

The court learned that other officers quickly came to Ms Smith’s aid after she screamed, tying up Bieber and disarming him.

She was later treated in the hospital for cuts to her mouth and chin and four wounds to her right arm.

Bieber, who is serving a life sentence with a minimum sentence of 37 years, will appear on Wednesday afternoon at a hearing to decide when he should be sentenced.

US police pursued the former kickboxer for eight years before he shot PC Broadhurst.

The bodybuilding fanatic is also accused of paying a hitman to kill a love rival in Florida in 1995, and faces extradition if he is ever found safe for parole in the UK.