Live AMLO Conference. Morning topics today 25 November 2021

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador his heads conference morning from 25 November from Guadalupe, Zacatecas, unit there security strategy given the events that have occurred in recent weeks where div bodies have been found hanging from bridges and trees.

Since yesterday, the president traveled to the unit and announced it The presence of federal forces in the entity will be strengthened from this ThursdayIn addition, support for young people must be increased to prevent them from joining the army of crime.

At the conference, López Obrador is accompanied by his security cabinet and by Governor David Monreal. Follow here morning of 25 November live and know the topics discussed by the President.

Morning November 25 live

GDP will grow by 6% this year: López Obrador; “There are records in the creation of formal jobs”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated that the Mexican economy will grow by 6% this year, despite 0.4% decline in GDP during the third quarter, because he assured that there is a record in two indicators.

“The economy is growing and the forecast that we will grow 6% this year will be met (…), I think the best indicator is the creation of formal jobs and another indicator that also helps a lot to know what What happens when it In terms of economic growth, the arrival of foreign investment and in both cases there are records, he said.

We will continue to protect women from belief, not fashion: López Obrador

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that his government will continue to protect women and fight women’s killings out of conviction and not out of fashion, and criticized her opponents for “transforming feminists” into hypocrisy.

He stressed that the equality and equality that has been achieved in various instances of government and even in his cabinet when he was head of government in the then federal district, while now in the presidency he had the first interior minister and first secretary of public security.

“I was the first governor of Mexico to form a cabinet in which most of the secretaries were women. When I was head of the Mexico City government, with 14-16 posts, 8-10 women.

“Now the same thing, the day before the new court minister was elected, it was up to me by law to send a shortlist for the Senate to decide. On the shortlist two women and one man. Yesterday too, for the first time there will be a governor for the Bank of Mexico, a woman, it remains like Toby’s club, ”he said.

The National Guard will strengthen security in 9 municipalities in Zacatecas where there are no police

The National Guard will be responsible for strengthen security in the nine municipalities in Zacatecas where there are no police, after they resigned due to the increased violence.

The head of Sedena, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, reported that they will increase the number of people currently in the entity to protect the security of citizens.

The municipalities where there are no police are:

  1. Apulco
  2. Loreto
  3. Mount Escobedo
  4. Cuauhtémoc
  5. Mazapil
  6. Tepetongo
  7. Villa Garcia
  8. Villa Hidalgo
  9. Melchor Ocampo

Intentional murders and extortion increase in Zacatecas

The Intentional murder and extortion are two increasing crimes in Zacatecas, while kidnapping, car theft, house robbery, transport robbery and human trafficking show a downward trend, reported the head of Sedena, Luis Cresencio Sandoval.

He explained that so far this year and until October in the unit they have registered 948 intentional murders, with which Zacatecas ranks fifth in this crime at the national level, while in blackmail it occupies the first position with 391 cases so far in 2021.

The municipalities with the highest crime rate They are: Frenillo, Guadalupe, Zacatecas, Caldera, Ojocaliente and Jerez.

Social programs and referrals have been the “blessing” of Zacatecas: governor

Zacateca’s governor, David Monreal, assured that Social programs and remittances have been the “blessing” of the state that they have not allowed the insecurity situation to worsen, while thanking President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Security Cabinet for their support and assistance.

“My appreciation and gratitude to the President of the Republic and the Government of Mexico and to the entire Government for the good news, for having restored hope to Zacatecas, for having come to give us new courage, for having come to express this commitment that we in Zacatecas are not alone, he said.



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