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eptford is a place where many worlds collide and for many Londoners, this is the city they celebrate.

One of the most historic corners of London is the royal dockyard of Dept. F. Henry VIII, founded in 1513, where Queen Elizabeth I sent Francis Drake around the world on the Golden India in 1581. Knight addressed.

But slipping under the arch at the bottom of the historic carriageway that once carried passengers to the station gates, is tantamount to stepping into a parallel universe, where you’ll immediately realize that the Times found it in London’s hip. Why pick up as one of the areas to replace Hackney. Love

It’s about a car market where a group of Somali women are spying on a suitcase full of brightly colored remains.

Daniel Lynch

Nearby, 17th-century diarist John Evelyn built a famous garden in the courtyard of his home, the Sea Court, where Peter the Great, a young Russian man, visited Deptford in 1696 to study shipbuilding. Destroyed, collided with it. Wheelbarrow in a drunken episode.

A strong sense of history inspires civic pride in many Deptford residents. When the floor was dug at the end of Deptford High Street, the historic anchor was removed, a reminder of the area’s maritime past, and many feared it would never return.

A campaign was launched and now the anchor is back at Deptford Broadway junction.

DeptfordFolk, Deptford Park and Folkestone Gardens Park Consumer Group have planted 200 trees to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the publication of John Evelyn’s diaries and win £ 2.9 million in funding from the Mayor of London’s Living Neighborhood Fund. I have helped Depotford roads are safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Daniel Thomas, a state agent from the local branch of Keatons, described Dept Ford as “up and coming” and one of the most affordable districts in Zone 2. Many of its buyers are first-timers.

Thomas, however, has one theme in mind, the development of the giant Thames-side convoy wharf. Hutchison Wampoa, a Hong Kong-based developer, has permission to plan for a mixed-use project with the renovation of the listed Victorian Olympia warehouse in March 2014, in addition to 3,500 new homes.

Work on the first houses finally began in November 2021.

Property View

Deptford owns Georgian homes with a nice terrace with decorative wooden porches on Albury Street in Albury Street, the 18th-century Baroque parish church next to St. Paul’s, designed by the noble architect Thomas Archer.

The St. John’s Conservation Area has small two- and three-bedroom flat-front Victorian-roofed houses, and the streets around Deptford Park in the North Deptford area are lined with slightly larger, commanding Victorian houses.

There are also “right to buy” flats on many social housing properties. And many new flats have been built in the last five years.

Houses currently for sale in the St. John’s Conservation Area range in price from £ 600,000 to 25 725,000. Victorian homes on Squawn Road, overlooking Deptford Park, are for sale at £ 735,000 and £ 900,000.

What’s new

Timber Yard In addition to the 1,132 homes for startups on Grove Street, there is a scheme of shops, restaurants and flexible workspaces, with developer Lendlease describing the six growing neighborhoods between Pepys Park and Deptford Park.

Deptford Foundry Archolo Road has 316 one-, two- and three-bedroom flats by Anthology, of which 40 are affordable, eight five- to eight-story buildings and a 22-storey tower accommodating artists. All flats have a balcony or terrace.

One-bedroom flats start at 385,000. Two-bedroom flat for £ 510,000 and three-bedroom flat for £ 732,000. Call 020 7526 9229.

To rent

Summer is traditionally a busy time for rent in Deptford, with students from Goldsmiths in New Cross and Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance in Deptford looking for flats for the next academic year.

The area also attracts tenants who work in Canary Wharf and City, both of which are easily accessible by public transport.

The power to live

Daniel Thomas, Kattins’ state agent, says many students live in Deptford and buy a home after completing their education.


SE8 is a Deptford postcode and extends south to include the St. John’s Conservation Area. On its southwestern border it merges with SE14, the New Cross postcode.

The best roads.

Georgian roof on Albury Street. When it comes to many recent developments, Daniel Thomas ranks the Tinder Box House that oversees Deptford Market Yard.


There are quick and easy connections to City and Canary Wharf. Trains from Depotford take eight minutes to London Bridge, 14 minutes to Canon Street or Black Frere, 19 minutes to Farringdon and 23 minutes to St Pancras.

Trains from St. John’s Station to London Bridge are 10 minutes and Canon Street is 16 minutes. Deptford Bridge and Elverson Road are on the DLR with direct trains to Canary Wharf.

All stations are in Zone 2, and the Zone 1 annual travel card costs £ 1,364. The Zone 2 Travel Card only, for the Canary Wharf on the DLR, is £ 1,020.


Shops and restaurants

Deptford’s main shopping street is along High Street, which runs north-south on Deptford Broadway between Evelyn Street and A2.

It is a typical mix of cafes, nail bars, phone shops and betting shops with branches of Iceland, Poundland, Asda and Costa Coffee, but is connected to independent newcomers.

There is also a bazaar that sells everything from fresh fish, fruits and vegetables to haberdashery and clothing on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Just off the High Street, Douglas Way Market is known for its brake-a-brake selection of new and used hands.

Buster Mantis is a bar, restaurant and gallery that specializes in Caribbean cuisine, both in the archway of High Street in Resolution Way.

Back in the High Street Kids Love Ink is a tattoo parlor Rag n ‘Bone is a retail outlet for Chris Carey’s collections, a textile recycling company that sells vintage clothing. The waiting room is a coffee shop with vegan and vegetarian menus. Two pie and mash shops Manze and Goddard DailyX is a daily caterer and cafe. IslaRay is a caf اور and bar that serves brunch, lunch and sharing menus at night. And London Velo is a motorcycle shop and cafe. Marcella is an Italian restaurant, a sister of Artusi in Peckham. And here are the famous wine bars and restaurants winemakers.

New businesses keep popping up at Depotford Market Yard, off the high street, in the railway arches below the station, and in the carriageway in the busy public square.

Find Hope Burns & Blake here, a beer of license Mousetail, one of the small chain of artisan coffee shops; Forest, a florist with a wide range of fashionable indoor plants; Little Nun’s Bar, award-winning Katish Tea Shop and Cocktail Tail Bar; Burger, Tapas & Jerk Restaurants Dirty apron, a breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant; And Tap Room, owned by Woolwich-based Hop Stuff Brewery and Serving Pizza.

Tanner Hill is a row of cottages on the south side of Deptford Broadway from High Street.

Depotford’s most recent startups include Stockton, a new bar by the people behind Buster Mints. Festa sul Prato Folkestone Gardens has an Italian caf اور and restaurant.

open space

The Diptford Parks Liveable Neighborhood Hood Project is part of the Mayor of the Diptford Park, Folkestone Gardens and Fordham Park London’s Liveable Neighborhood Huds program around North Deptford and is designed to improve the area for walking and cycling. Is.

It is expected to include a new north-south traffic free route along the former Grand Surrey Canal.

Entertainment and the arts

Albany in Douglasway is a local, long-established arts center offering circus, dance, theater and family shows.

The Trinity of Music and Dance Laban Conservatoire runs a summer school for young musicians.

The Wavelengths Leisure Center on Griffin Street is a local council-owned swimming pool.


Primary school

All but one of the local primary schools are considered “good” or better by the offset government education supervisor.

The ones that have been rated “rest” are: Tidmill In Guffin Street; Lucas Well In St. Nicholas Street, and Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham Temple Grove Free School At Papis Road in New Cross.


There is a local comprehensive school. Eddie and Stan Hope (Co-ed, 11-16) In New Cross Road, but many nearby schools are considered “rest.”

They are: RC of St. Arsola (Girls, ages 11 to 16) at Chrome Hill in Greenwich; Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College (Co-ed, 3 to 18) at Papis Road in New Cross; St. Thomas Apostle RC (Boys 11 to 18 with girls in sixth form) at Hollydale Road in Nunhead Prendergast (Girls, ages 11 to 18) in Halefields, Brooklyn.


There are no private schools in Deptford, although nearby Blackheath is a good choice.

They are: Heath House Preparation (Co-ed, ages three to 11) at Wemis Road; Black heath high (Girls, ages 3 to 18) at Weinbro Park; Greenwich Steiner (Co-ed, ages three to 14) Mycenae Road and the Pointer School (Co-ed, ages 3 to 11) at Strathden Road.