Llega Sinedot a la CDMX – Meczyki

A good news for the cinematographers, the new Cenaot, who made a fuss over the state of Mexico, Andrés Capdepon, president of the administration of this enterprise, and his director general, Ramón Estéda a lavez. De mexico We are commenting that this 23rd of June, the junior will take the opening of the first complete Cinedot in the capital of the country, in the alkaloid Azcapotzalco. The new instant tendrá cinco salas, with one with a capacity for 306 persons, is the largest moment for this cadaver of cines, the third most important in Mexico.

The Acto protocolario operaón estará encabezado por la alkaldesa de Azcapotzalco, Margarita Saldaña, quinen reconoce la importancia de que nuevas inversiones y projectos lleguen al territorio que gobierna paraactivar la economía local.

This is the complete complement to the pawn for Cinedot, the empire that planned a 300 million pesos for the period 2021-2023, with the meta of 120 years of the next year, generating 800 million indirect. Important recognition for this industry and for the national economy. Cabe made that Cinedot participates in a negotiation that the next day gave 7 to 495 million pesos, with more than 113.6 million pills of vendids and Mexican destinations like the Chinese cuisine with deals 7. year, Estados Unidos y la India, de acuerdo con datos de Canacine.

Changes in the direction of Jumex

Grupo Jumex design is similar to Salvi Folch as its director general. The Jumex Group of Administrative Consultants has decided to fortify its leadership in the market. Salvi Folch is an economist for ITAM and has an MBA from London Business School. There are more than 20 collaborations in the television group, in which the director of finance is 14 years old and the director general of Izzi Telecom from 2017 to 2021. More than 30 years ago and tendered the impulsiveness of the creativity of the empire.

With these approaches, the Jumex Group has developed a process to facilitate the retros of mercado in digital digitization, operational efficiency and sustainability.

Recently Jumex Group, the processor of jugs and extracts more important than Mexico and the United States of America, received various consultations by part of the international organizations like the Merco, which is an agreement with the Mercos, which is an agreement má0spres de má0dels ESG (Ecology, Social and Governance, for its siglas in English).

For the first time, Jumex 0% was reconciled with the Global Quality Certifications of Mexico as of August 2021, thanks to the preferences of the consumers in the category of jugs and nuts in the long run, mano. This reconciliation was created in France by Willy Mansion in 1995 and is actually present in countries like Spain, Portugal, Francia, Italy, Mexico and Tunisia.

Levantan 140 mdd to convert startups from Latin America

Vine Ventures, which has delivered to a group of Latin American startups, is looking for a new fund of 140 million dollars. Next to the firm, this is the converter in one of the mayors inversionists similar to the United States enfocados in región.

Vine has entered the Colombian Habi, on the platform that digitized the TUL ferreterías, and the Israeli platform Commodore, among others.

The Empire with New York used the Vine II fund to launch startups in Latin America in the first place, with a special focus on financial services, logistics and the administration of the country, giving various social recreation. Combined with their first fund, Vine ahora administered 243 million dollars, which also included in Israel and United States.

“This is a testimonial of what we have done. We are pioneers in Latin America,” said Reiner, who funded Vine with Dan Povitsky just before the global pandemic of Covid-19 in 2020.

The company dedicates to realizing entries within one and 10 million dollars for startups on its own. Plane will implement the new fund so far we will try three mediums that will absorb the macroeconomic changes and the politicized issues, as well as Reiner.