Llueven criticizes the decree that blind people work; is for agilizarlas: López Obrador

Opposition deputies and senators announced unconstitutional actions before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) against the decree of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on what to consider in the infrastructures of the 4T national law.

In San Lázaro, the leader of the PAN, Jorge Romero, signaled that “the decree” was unconstitutional and demonstrated an “authoritative talent” of the Federal Executive, by which, in accordance with Article 105 of the Constitution, the legislative alliance to vacate the SCJN an unconstitutional action.

In fact, the PRI coordinator, Rubén Moreira, expresses its concern about the constitutionality of the decree and considers that the President has not been informed of the allegations of wrongdoing.

“Inget hö un clima que amerite la designación de national security works, because he has no son, and because he has no climate in the country that manifests itself as the one who opposes the same measures, including the one who dies, ”manifests Moreira Valdez.

The PRI’s deputy advises that there is a precedent for not being able to oppose the Federal Government’s work, which must be accompanied by appeals, juices or any other legal mechanism.

For his part, the coordinator of the PRD, Luis Espinosa Cházaro, qualifies as the occupier who uses the seguridad national for the blind and opacar works that require authorizations of distant institutions and public scrutiny.

“The accumulation of power in a single male is dangerous for democracy, not only in this country, but in every country.

Luis Espinosa Cházaro, PRD Coordinator

The act of unconstitutionality is a legal remedy that was given in exclusive form before the SCJN in order to denounce the possible violation of the Constitution. To be promoted from the Chamber of Deputies requires a 33 per cent response from the 500 deputies.

In the Senate, the coordinator of the PAN, Julen Rementería, stated that the agreement published in the Official Diary of the Federation is “all unconstitutional”.

“I would like to make a statement to all those instances which have the possibility and obligation in the light of the evidence to prevent detention, to establish a constitutional controversy. the faculty, the possibility and the obligation to do so have the obvious unconstitutionality that has this agreement, and that it does not have to be deir ”, which is not debe deir.

Thus, the Priest Claudia Ruiz Massieu signaled that the agreement published is an instruction to the dependents so that it does not coincide with the law, and points out that the title of the Federal Executive “does not have the faculty to suspend the constitutional order, and less less pretext to accelerate the administrative order ”.

The member of the Plural Group, Germán Martínez, expressed that he coincided with the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador respecting that the governor is a “rheumatic elephant”, but pointed out that he could not pretend that this “rheumatic elephant is corrupt and virile” and ”.

Inai also has to judicialize publication

The National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (Inai) informs that a Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) is preparing a constitutional controversy against what the Gobierno México’s projects and works its considered of public interest and national security.

The full body of the institute will determine this constitutional control to avoid the dependencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration reserving for national security, in a generalized and anticipated manner, the information related to the projects and works that the Gobi will do.

“If a possible transition to Article 6º of the Constitution is advocated, as long as national security is a precondition for the reservation of information, in accordance with Article 113 of the General Transparency Act and Access to Information in a”, says Púablica communicated.

In addition to correcting the risk that the obligated subjects generating the information of these projects can pretend to reserve information based on the agreement, the one who is vulnerable to the right of access to the information.

The Inai have a period of 30 days, from today, to present to the SCJN the constitutional controversy. In the next few days, the plenary will approve in public the corresponding agreement, with the points to be disputed and the legal arguments.

In the first article, the signal document expressly states that “public interest and national security are declared the implementation of projects and works in the cargo of the Government of Mexico associated with the infrastructure of the communication, front, telecommunication, telecommunications, interior, interior, greetings, ferries, ferries in all of its energy modalities, ports, airports and waterways that, by their object, characteristics, nature, complexity and magnitude, are considered priorities dec /

Acuerdo, för agilizar trámites y crear confianza, tärna AMLO

The agreement published in the Official Diary which declares the public interest in the works of the Government of Mexico, is an aid between dependencies to facilitate traumas and confidence in institutions and companies, but does not wait for transparency, assures L Elópez Presidente, Osegur.

“There is an agreement to aggravate traumas and for bureaucratic traumas not to be considered the work that can be done in the trust of the institutions and the companies that are working in the Train Maya in order for the traumas to be carried out in order to achieve them. sean más expeditos y que se les dé también tiempo para present all documentation, en entendido de que las empresas, las dependencies del Gobierno federale, pues estan regidas par principies de protection al med ambiente, de justitie, de hona que se le tienen that there are facilities and those who have confidence in the dependencies ”, he said.

At the conference, the mandate declared that an agreement had been reached in order for dependencies such as Medio Ambiente to assist in Communications and Transport in Fonatur, with the companies working on the Train Maya, in order not to delay the work.

“We have to advance, we have to finish, conclude the works. There is nothing that has to do with transparency. The secretaries, all of us are obliged to return accounts”, bekräftar.

Criticize the media as supposing that agreement is a strategy for opacity, by explaining that it deals with an agreement, which does not increase the category of decree, in order to aggravate the trauma.

“For this contest this is the agreement, there is no decree, there is an internal agreement to facilitate and that we must open the works, because we have our gaps to open the airport Felipe Ángeles ?, can you say, 20 months men.

“If Claudio X. González, papa e hijo, thinks he is acting in a coordinated manner and, together with Cossío’s ex-minister, it is clear that he has a meter to hold the work because he is very tired of the airport? it’s another traen, that there are many lejos, or that there is a lot of ruid, and we present an amparo. también, y pues ya no terminamos ”, comment.

The federal executive refunds that in the case of the Maya train it will have to pay 500 kilometers of electrified ferries electrified in a good part, with trains for the finals of 2023.

With respect to this work, López Obrador made sure that he did not affect the medium, then on his way he followed the route of the ancient railway of Sureste, because he has not had any new accusations, as his critics, whom he considered very important se desarrolla la obra.

Morena closes files with the Executive

Legislators and the National Directorate of Morena will be defending the presidential decree by which the Federal Government’s infrastructure works are considered in the public interest and national security.

“This decree is legal and is attached to the Constitutional Faculties of the President. Its application will be of great social and public benefit. With this decree the public inversion is protected. The obligation that any governor has is to guarantee and ensure the protection of public property, ”he said, insuring the bank in the Chamber of Deputies.

Al reiterar that the objective of this decree is to facilitate the realization of the public administration’s projects and eliminate the “excessive bureaucracy”, accuses that the reactions by the opposition intend to desecrate a constitutional provision of the presidential constitution.

The National Conductor of Morena, Mario Delgado, signaled that the agreement would allow greater agility in bureaucratic traumas and burn greater certainty.



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