London Hate Wave: Things to do in the sun


On its weekends, mercury is not only rising, but rising even faster than inflation. London is ready to move beyond the 30 degree Celsius mark. Those heavy layers of heat are already here, evacuating the capital.

With the warmest days of the year here, then, it’s time for WFP to switch to WFH (working from the park, or even better, pub). From parties to keeping you awake all night – and face it, it will be too hot to sleep anyway – from the best barbecue delivery, to picnic tips and even wild swimming spots, to beautiful weather. Here’s how to put one together for use with your best friend.

Dancing in the street

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Party organizers Brother Karnak Travel the world, show programs with DJs that show their signatures (Acid, Home and Disco – or all three at the same time). This weekend they hit Christopher Street yesterday (from 34.50,, DJ Harvey tested his ability on an amazing five hour set. It is fair to say that it comes alive. It is also the biggest draw of the weekend for those who do not intend to do anything but dance. El Fresco review ups are also taking place across the city on Saturday, he said. Of Brixton Prince of Wales Has been on it for eight years and is showing no signs of slowing down: since 5pm they have been on the House banners for 10 hours, with Okin, DJ Caspa and Summer topping the bill (from 15, But over Oval spaceSoul Queen Natasha Dougs is making headlines in London as she brings New York’s much-loved party Soul In The Horn to London (for 15, – It has to go by 4 o’clock in the morning, so maybe make the dancing shoes comfortable too. On saturday Studio 338 Greenwich will also be ‘big’ – the decks will be pounding with the techno from midnight until sunrise on Sunday. The ill-fated Reich will headline, no doubt why he’s been a favorite of a scene for over a decade, backed by Mehg, Sap and Generate (from 15,

Take her to the terrace

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A pint in the sun is a precious commodity, so expect the capital’s pub gardens to be full too. The best things can be found here, but those who are struggling to get somewhere should visit Ellipse. the roof They claim that it is the largest beer garden in London. This year, they’ve eliminated the need to book, which makes things easier ( The same size Truman’s Social Club In Walthamstow, which is full of beer on the cage – it helps to have a bar on site – as well as plenty of street food ( Try something simple (because is there anything good with a little backyard?) Duke of Edinburgh (dukeofedinburghpub.comthe Sun of Camberwell ( either or Hope and anchor (’s route to all of Brixton, or to the Thames-lined pub row: Curb Tree Tour ( And Rutland Arms ( are valuable and popular. Of Princess Royal In Notting Hill ( Is also a gem – and Ben Tish is proud of his food. Raw bar is a tall pile with shiny red prawns.

When it comes to food, perhaps the only result of the last two years is that, conscious of the ventilation, restaurants everywhere have become obsessed with eating out at El Fresco. Here is a complete list of the top places, but it must be included. Lemon Beach Club (, A sandy beach on the south shore with Caribbean food and drink, and a healthy party. Further east, Schwartz is happy. Rochelle Canteen (arnoldandhenderson.comWhich is what modern British do or marquee that is. Brett X Clampson’s Arc In the plains of London ( The girl can be counted on to book out, but as a rule, every day walk has tables for her. Cooking – always done on a wood fire grill – is extraordinarily good. Go for turbot, pork, whole roast crab. In the south, the Italian inclination Forza wine In Pekham ( There is always a reliable good, as is the Sichuan tilt. Red duck In Balham ( Keep it simple with this, or almost perfect pizza Home slices; For some reason their roof near Bond Street is always a complete vibe ( Vibes, of course, are always the best on the rooftops: the full list of the best rooftop drinking venues in the capital is on this page, but there is a reason. Frank’s Despite being basically just a carpark, Peckham is always full (, While Lord Napier Star In E9 ( Oak is for children. Other favorites include Pergola Paddington ( – Nothing to like, just a good laugh – swankier Jin bo la In Aldgate ( views of his city, and Laurel is on the roof.Which brings Johnny Mitchell to Curtin Road (

Come on Barbie, let’s party.

Planning to kill Tesco, grab a disposable barbecue and head to the park? This is even more difficult as most parks in London – including all the Royals – have a complete ban on them (and the wardens will happily and literally pour cold water on the party). Only Ellington and Camden Councils support Barbie, but it’s still a touch and go: places where you can get girlfriends. Russell Square, Lincoln’s Infields, Cantilever Gardens Just off Camden Road, Waterloo Park At the high gate, Highbury Fields, Caledonian Park And – a South London special – Burgess Park.

It is better to stay at home. Although the majority of last year’s lockdown lots have stopped deliveries this year, All in one box ( Has maintained its reputation for its barbecue kits – everything you need to fill yourself up with ، 35, meat or vegetables – and leave it all over town. Ginger porkThe well-known butcher, meanwhile, will feed six meals at £, A mix of steaks, sausages and burgers, and Provenance butcher Do the same with 109 (

Banquet on the blanket

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Picnics are all well and good, but putting them together is especially painful. Pre-packaged جا Life is easy when someone else is sorting it out. Pique (From 15, Reliably decent: his signature £ 60 Pique-Nique has it all – think cold chicken, charcuterie, salads are plentiful – and although it’s not cheap, it does add a reasonable amount, which is sad. Not given anywhere else. Of Gail £ 56 will feed four (, And Provisions’ Barrier (£ 50, Contains a bottle of organic wine. Deliver throughout the city. In St. John’s Wood, it’s worth a visit. Panzer’s Daily – Although, London’s best daily Raلl’s Daily Little Venice can make a claim – which offers a reasonable bargain at £ 65 (, And comes in famous. Panzer’s Hessian bag. Be sure to try those that have more in their cocktail than cold meat. Umbrella project Offer (£ 90, Behind the Lot Top Cocktail Bars is the Sun Tour and Discount Suite Company; Surprisingly, their hamper is the one for a weird kind of lunch, and it includes bottles of prosciutto, roses, cider, and some cocktails for boating, along with some cheese so that It all helped to soak up. Otherwise, Shop Cuvee ( Offer one-day delivery via bike – ideal if it’s last minute – while Hickey has a lot more Drinks drop Do the same for cocktail orders before 3 p.m., although on weekends, it’s best to order one day in advance (from 7.50,

Come in, the water is fine.

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When the thermometer goes through 30ºC, most of us are overwhelmed by the sun and the fog. Refresh at one of the city’s pools and ludos: the big names are back. Booking is required and payment is expected to be anywhere between £ 5-10. There is a complete guide here, but those who live in the middle of the city should go. Oasis Sports Center – It’s on the roof! In Holborn! – While serious swimmers should be given a pool. Brookeville Park, Charlton And Hillingdon One go, which is the length of the whole Olympics. The big one is still shining. Parliament Hill (Go for a short walk later to see), but the lot has the longest pool of 90 meters. Tooting BecThe largest open freshwater pool in England.

If you do not have hepatitis, it is best to avoid “Hackney Riviera” soaked in sewage, but otherwise, wild swimming is a lot of fun (just don’t go for it, Christ). There’s more to it than just taking off and scaring the ducks: the most famous places, including London Docks And Lake Denham, Swimmers need NOWCA protective wrist bands (, £ 15 per year), and must download ACTiO to book sessions (which is required; it’s wild, but it’s so wild do not have). on the other hand, Hampstead Heath, London’s Core Star Outdoor Splicing offers “free flow” sessions in all three pools between 7am and 11.30am without booking. Can’t bother leaving your back? Adult paddling pools are now officially one thing: has a list of the best, but Intex Swim Center (39.99, Stand out – It has an built-in bench, which can double as space for the home bar.