London Pride 2022: Parties, themes, parade routes and gay pride events


Riding month begins on June 1 each year, and London’s annual Pride Parade begins in early July.

Every June, on the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots, the London Parade is filled with parties and London Pride protests.

This year, London’s Pride Parade will begin on July 2, as people return to the original route of the 1972 inaugural Pride March.

However, this year’s festivities are expected to be particularly epic, with Pride London celebrating its 50th anniversary, as well as reopening after two years of cancellations and live streams due to the Quid.

Here is everything you can expect …

What is pride in London?

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Pride in London celebrates LGBT + lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans + community with a program of events that showcase LGBT + culture, including theater, dance, art, cinema, parties and citywide activities.

Each year, it is marked by a parade through the city, usually ending in a colorful parade at the London Parade, which takes place in central London, with free performances in Trafalgar Square and the West End. ۔

Join the festivities so that more than 300 floats can travel to London, as well as watch groups perform, sing and dance on the streets of London.

In the evenings, Soho is taken with parties and celebrations, all in pubs, bars and clubs across the city.

When is London Pride 2022?


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This year’s London Pride will take place on Saturday, July 2, in a march aimed at ‘making a powerful statement’ as well as making ‘progress’ changes.

The parade will also explore the origins of the 1972 inaugural Pride March.

It set up a National AIDS Memorial to ban conversion treatment from the UK government, reform gender identity as well as provide equal protection to LGBT + communities against hate crimes, and eliminate the hostile environment against immigrants. Will demand, and will play a significant role in it. Dealing

What is the theme of London Pride 2022?

Protesters at London’s reclaimed Pride March call on Boris Johnson to “stop stalling” on LGBTI rights (Victoria Jones / PA)

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The theme of London Pride 2022 is #AllOurPride – an indication of the fact that this year’s Pride will ‘unite the past, present and future of pride from every corner of the LGBT community’.

Organizers of this year’s Pride March have said they want to use it for a “march towards progress.”

It is also a commemoration of the last 50 years of pride, with the event’s website this year’s campaign saying: “It will commemorate the last 50 years and our evolution as a movement. Come and acknowledge their achievements.

“As we celebrate and look forward to the next 50 years, we will recognize the challenges facing our community nationally and globally.”

Organizers call on the UK government to ban conversion therapy for all LGBT + people, to amend the Gender Identification Act, and to provide equal protection to LGBT + communities against hate crimes, and to establish a National AIDS Memorial, and more. Demanding something to do.

Along with the parade, there will be plenty of programs to join throughout the month of Pride throughout June, as well as farangi events and parties that will spread over the summer.

Who’s in line for London Pride 2022?

No regrets: Singer Emily Sandy

The organization has announced that singer Emily Sandy, Ava Max, and Eurovision winner Neta are among the stars ready to perform at the London 2022 Pride.

Attendees at the July 2 Fun Parade include RuPaul’s Drag Race UK winner, The Vivienne, and Lawrence Chaney, and fan favorites, Tia Kofi and Victoria Scone.

Other names to perform include Irish pop singer Samantha Mamba, and long hot summer singer Kate Graham, who will be appearing on the Trafalgar Square stage.

Meanwhile, the stage in Leicester Square will be dedicated to showcasing women, non-binary, and trans entertainers and artists, the organization said.

What is the route of London Pride 2022?

The parade will begin in Hyde Park, the first terminus for the march, before it ends at Piccadilly, then south to Haymarket and Trafalgar Square, before ending at Whitehall Place.

What are the event times at this year’s London Pride 2022?

This year’s London Pride 2022 will begin at noon on Hyde Park Corner, and the Grand Stand at Haymarket will be open from about 11 p.m.

There will be day-long celebrations for Pride 2022.

Here is a summary of some of the best and their times:

London Pride Parade 2022

  • July 2, 2022 – The London Pride Parade started from Baker Street to White Hall.

London Pride Post Parade Party and Stage

  • July 2, 2022 – The main stage is at Trafalgar Square. Here you will find British and international performances and entertainment after the DJ parade. The party goes on till night.

Other parties

  • Over inside سوہوDean Street Stage will feature a variety of performances from a diverse spectrum, including many Pride Got Talent runners-up.
  • In Golden Square, Out with Family Rainbow Fat will provide a more relaxed and family friendly atmosphere.

How can I celebrate London Pride 2022?

There are many ways you can join, and celebrate London Pride 2022.

Not only is there a wide lineup of operations, but there are numerous other events and parties to attend in the country and the capital.

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Map of London Pride 2022