Looking for a bargain for Oreji

An update has surfaced about Liverpool striker Duke Origi, about the wolves’ interest in his services.

what’s the matter?

According to TelegraphThe Wolves are one of three Premier League players interested in Liverpool striker Duke Origi.

The report claims. Crystal Palace and West Ham are also keen on Belgium International, although it does not say how the Reds are currently accepting the deal.

Should wolves sign Oregon?





Fans will be restless.

Bruno Ledge should avoid his first scream at Molinux, avoiding the Origi deal. The Wolves should not try to sign ahead of Belgium this summer for a number of reasons.

For starters, his goal record is less than impressive. He never scored. More than eight goals He has not scored a goal in the league season since coming to Lille in the 2012/13 campaign. More than four League goals for Wolfsburg since the 2017/18 season.

Last term, he. Failed to score In nine appearances after a single goal of the Premier League. Four in 28 games last year. It highlights his struggle for the goal and why the wolves shouldn’t be interested in signing it from a footballing point of view. He has no proven track record of consistently scoring goals, which is why fans will be upset if the club brings him to the club.

That’s not to say he’s a terrible player. Former Belgian international and Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany had earlier called Oreji a monster. he said:

“He’s very talented and talented. Technically, he’s a monster. More importantly, he’s a great trainer. I’ve seen him work like crazy. If he kept going like that. In a few years, he will be among the top five or ten best strikers in the world.

The company’s comments suggest that it has the potential to grow if given the right time to play, but it will be a gamble for Liverpool over the last few seasons given its shape. But, why would the wolves risk Origi to fulfill his potential when he already has a player in the building that he can work on?

Of k 77 thousand per week Dud is now 26, Fabio Silva is just 19 and the Wanderers have invested. m 36 million, His wages, his future. Coming through the Oregon goal could hinder Silva’s progress, as it could give him fewer chances to get on the pitch and improve his skills in the Premier League.

For wolves, it may be more beneficial to stay with Silva and spend the learning season with Raul Jimenez and then step on the pitch when needed. Although his first season in England was difficult, he managed. Four goals and three assists In the league, Joe has contributed more goals to the Premier League campaign since Origi. 2016/17..

And in other news, Shi has to accept wolf fight for 27 G / A teacher, many fans will be on the moon

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