Lopez is attending to finalize a healthy water project for Obrador La Laguna.

Of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.Lerdo, announced from Durango Healthy Water Plan for La Laguna., Can be achieved by reaching a positive consensus that overcomes a series of differences and concerns that threaten to stop it.

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The federal president insisted, “Thank you, I congratulate you and come to work.” Governor of Durango, Jose Rosas Esporo Torres and Kohville, Miguel Angel Reckless Souls And for that Jermaine Martنیnez Santavio, director of the National Water Commission Who highlighted that 8 work tables were installed and not as six as originally thought.

Lopez Obrador said that the promises will be fulfilled, there is a budget available for this project.

“We have a budget of 2 1.270 million for this year, only 8 158 million has been used, there are over a billion that we have to find a way to use them well, but it remains to be seen whether these How to use. Years. “

He pointed out that the project is being considered for 2022, with 2.3 billion pesos, a commitment that is a priority for which there are no resources.

Added it There is an investment of about 10 billion rupees., As it is a comprehensive project which will require repair of transmission lines of 9 local bodies.

This work will provide drinking water from the Nazas River. Only 1,600,000 inhabitants. Lagonira area, 9 municipalities of both the institutions.

The event was attended by mayors of municipalities who are benefiting from the work, however, it will be in Lerdo, Durango, where most of the infrastructure will be involved, as well as business sector representatives, agricultural producers and environmentalists.

In your message. Jose Rosas Esporo Torres, Governor of Durango. He emphasized that the struggle to provide adequate quality and quantity of water to the people of the semi-desert had been going on for decades. “Thank you, this will be a reality today.”

He pointed out that, for a few days since last August 15, various dialogue tables were set up to address the concerns of some sections of the society in which he started work on setting up a socialization scheme where people have faith. That this plan is necessary to guarantee the health of the population

Esporo Torres showed a document signed under the direction of Irrigation Module 03, highlighting their willingness to support it. Healthy Water Plan for La Laguna., Which runs President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The governor of Durango asked the departments involved in the event if they agreed to support the project, to which he replied in the affirmative, “How good it is that they are showing it to the president.”

Finally, he stressed that he would not leave the producers alone, that an inter-agency table would be set up to fulfill these promises and that they would be fulfilled.

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For his part Miguel Angel Reckless Souls, Governor of Kohville He reaffirmed his commitment to fully support the project and said he was committed to resolving the issue facing it today and could face more difficulties if it is not put into practice.

The Healthy Water Plan for La Laguna will guarantee water for the next 25 years.. Let me tell you that nothing was easy for the Lagooners, today we jumped on the bandwagon with the public conscience, in addition to the consensus that was reached with them, we continue to work so that this work is finished and well done. Be done

Riquelme Solís stressed that the differences that are beneficial for Mexico and Coahuila will never get in the way, but above all, to make the region the most competitive and productive in the north. Mexico with high quality.

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