Lopez Obrador raises aid to rescue airlines

The Mexican government can help airlines pay their tax installments and work with them to save companies and sources of employment.

He explained that Aeromer, which has financial problems, could be saved from the scheme, and Mexico and other companies that have recently closed down could be saved.

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The proposal was made to the leaders of the Pilot Aviation Union.

“If they were looking for businesses and that they talked to the owners of Aeromer, Messrs., Katz, and that workers, pilots, management workers, everyone, as partners, that we would help, we would help. For example, in debt repayment schedules that allow them to move forward, as long as workers are there, “said Lopez Obrador.

He said the method could be explored to reactivate companies such as Mexico, which closed ten years ago, and others that have recently closed, leading to job losses. Are

“You can form a cooperative, which is a mix of private investors and workers. That’s right in the case of Aeromer, but also in the case of the other two lines, which were the same in the end. Old Mexican, whatever. Maybe draw another line

“There are interested people here and hopefully it will be promoted, they know we are ready to help so that these lines do not close and are maintained,” the chief executive said.

“The future of the airlines and the business sector is good, because there is no crisis that could jeopardize investment,” he said.

The future is good, they will do very well because the country will develop in the next few years, we are going up, we don’t see any crisis, we are facing an epidemic that has affected us a lot, especially Because of the deaths of people, but now we are going out.

“The time is right for the Mexican economy to do legal business with good and reasonable profits, and we are ready to help,” said Lopez Obrador.

The president confirmed that he would visit Baja California this weekend.



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