Lopez Obrador summons to present development plan for La Laguna, El Seglo de Turin

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called for the federal government to complete all tasks in 2023, as the country will be “politically hot” by this year with candidates ready for the presidency.

“I am like your compatriot, I am in favor of not being re-elected, and I think so, and I admire the messenger of democracy, Francisco I Medro.”

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Also, I don’t have any more time, on December 23 the country will be politically hot enough, the candidates will already be present for the 24th, now we can’t think of the 24th, we have the 23rd To end ”

On the occasion of the resumption of healthy water for the Lagoon project, after the environmental organization withdrew its reservations, the President stressed that we must all work together to make this project a reality.

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He also called on the governors and federal officials of Durango, Kohwela to present a comprehensive development plan for La Laguna within three months.

“This includes fertilization credit, guaranteed prices, direct support from producers, education, school improvement, health, safety, urban development and housing.”

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“I would like the federal officials and the governor to present it to us for the next meeting so that we can have a comprehensive program. I will come every three or four months so that we can work together to move this project forward with the water project.” Lagoon as its axis. ”

President Lopez Obrador was accompanied by Durango Governor Jose Rojas Esporo (PAN), Kohuela K, Miguel Recalm Solis (PRI), Lala President Eduardo Trekio Haro, as well as local officials.

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In his message, the president highlighted that the agreement was reached through dialogue, patience and politics, and quoted General Lazaro Cardinas as saying: “We must learn to listen to the people, the voice of the people is the voice of God, history There is patience in politics. There are some people who do not want to listen and get upset when they have to listen to the people. When they want to vote, they are very good at listening to the people.


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