Lord Gadget’s resignation: Why did he go and what happens next?


The controversy over international trade law was the last straw, leading to the dramatic resignation of Boris Johnson’s ethics adviser.

Here are some important questions about Lord Gadget’s departure.

– Who is Lord Gadget?

Until Wednesday afternoon, he was an independent adviser to the prime minister on the interests of ministers.

He took over the post following the resignation of Sir Alex Allen, who resigned following the rejection of Mr Johnson’s investigation into allegations of hooliganism by Priti Patel.

Lord Gadget’s resignation letter (Downing Street / PA) / PA Media

– What is the reason for Lord Gadget’s exit?

The exchange of letters between Lord Gadget and the Prime Minister alleges a dispute – which is being considered over steel tariffs – could involve breaches of international trade rules.

Lord Gadgett said the measures being considered by the government “threaten to be a deliberate and deliberate breach of the ministerial code” Violations of the law may be an insult to the business. “

“According to the political outcome, this move will make a mockery of the system and I cannot take part in it,” he said.

Mr Johnson said the letter of resignation “came as a surprise”, adding that “my aim was to consult with you on the national interest in safeguarding an important industry”.

– What’s more?

Lord Gadget had been watching Westminster’s resignation for weeks, and he admitted that he was close to resigning over the Partygate scandal.

He told lawmakers on Monday that it was “reasonable” to suggest that the prime minister had violated the ministerial code of conduct for parties ending the Corona virus lockdown in No. 10.

In Lord Gadget’s resignation letter, he cites the Prime Minister’s failure to address criticism of Save Gray’s report at the Party Gate on Mr Johnson’s leadership and claims of a “miscommunication” between his office and No. 10. Given

Despite these lines, at the time, he was “convinced that it was possible to continue reliably as an independent adviser, despite the small differences.”

There were other queues, including the renovation of the Prime Minister’s flat and the initial failure to provide all relevant information.

– What do you think about Tuesday’s session in front of MPs?

Lord Gadget appeared uncomfortably before the Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC), where he was asked if he had considered resigning.

He told MPs that he was “disappointed” and that the option to resign was always on the “agenda”.

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab suggested that appearances play a key role in Lord Gadget’s decision to resign.

Mr Robb said: “I think they’ve got a lot of grilling from MPs this week. How do you feel about being checked, “said Mr Robb.

– So what happens next?

There is no guarantee that Lord Gadget will be replaced, as the way ministerial standards are scrutinized is likely to change dramatically.

There was a gap of five months between the departure of Sir Alex in 2020 and the appointment of Lord Gadget in April 2021.

Downing Street indicated that there could be no direct alternative this time.

The Prime Minister would like to “carefully consider” the issues raised by Lord Gadgett and the PACAC before deciding to “scrutinize and scrutinize ministerial interests”. Yes, their spokesman said.

This may mean that no specific person will be appointed as a consultant in the future.

– What is the ideology of the opposition?

Deputy Labor leader Angela Rainer has demanded the appointment of a new watchdog, saying: “There is no longer any morality in this Downing Street government that has been ousted from office by a Conservative party and the cost of living. The crisis facing the British people is a complete failure.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Dewey said parliament should examine the next ministerial watchdog body “so that Johnson could not simply appoint any of his colleagues.”

“Another day, another scandal, another scandal for the prime minister, as another sales adviser resigned,” said Brendan O’Hara, a spokesman for the SNP cabinet office.