Lord laments control over women’s bodies after US abortion decision

Lord urged women to access their inner wisdom during a speech at Glastonbury following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the country’s constitutional right to abortion.

During her Pyramid Stage show on Sunday, she delivered a message on female bodily autonomy that concluded by saying, “To hell with the Supreme Court.”

The 25-year-old New Zealand singer joins a number of musicians who have denounced the reversal of the landmark 1973 Rowe v. Wade decision during the festival, including Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, the Idles and Phoebe Bridgers.


Lord performing on the Pyramid Stage during the Glastonbury Festival (Eui Mock/PA)

Near the end of her performance of Secrets From a Girl (Who’s Seen It All), she changed the lyrics to talk about how she believes the female body is controlled.

She said, “Do you want to hear a secret, girls? Your bodies were destined to be controlled and objectified even before you were born. This horror is yours by birthright.

“But here’s another secret, you have ancient power, ancient wisdom. The wisdom that has moved every woman before you forward.

“This wisdom is also yours by birthright. I ask you today to make access to this wisdom your life’s work? Because everything depends on it.”

The pop star ended the message by saying, “To hell with the Supreme Court.”

This is Lorde’s second appearance at Glastonbury. She last performed at the festival in 2017.

Throughout her energetic set, she told the audience that it was “so nice to be back” as she performed several of her hits including Buzzcut Season, Homemade Dynamite, The Louvre, Sober and Royals.


Singer brings brightness to stage with her lilac outfit. (Yui Mok/PA)

She brought brightness to the stage with her outfit – a lilac leotard paired with red tights and wristbands – while her entire group wore mustard yellow suits.

The singer also surprised the audience at Glastonbury by inviting Claro and Arlo Parks to perform her song Stoned together at a nail salon.

Another poignant moment came when she reflected on her childhood dream of performing at the festival.

She said: “I used to watch this festival live on video from my bed in New Zealand and wondered what it was like to stand here and sing with the flags.

“Even as a child, I knew that the pyramid scene was a kind of magic, so being here with you is crazy.”

The singer added that in the past few years, she takes such moments “less for granted.”


Lourd’s appearance at Glastonbury was her second appearance after her first performance at the festival in 2017 (Yui Mok/PA)

As she came to the end of her set, she boosted the energy with her song Supercut, which made the crowd jump and sing along in the sun.

She used momentum when she introduced her hit song Green Light, saying she thought of it as a “British song”, causing the crowded audience to applaud before they chanted the lyrics to her.

She then said, “Thank you very much, no one can dance to this song like the British crowd.”

Lorde dedicated her last song of the evening, Solar Power, to those who were there “with their kidneys, drinking under this beautiful sky”, and thanked everyone for their support.

American rapper Kendrick Lamar will take the Pyramid Stage after Lorde to close the festivities at Worthy Farm in Somerset as the final headliner of the festival.

Ahead of Lorde on the Pyramid Stage were the rock band Elbow, joined by a giant puppet of a 10-year-old Syrian and a refugee choir.

Meanwhile, Diana Ross played hit after hit, taking the stage earlier in the day.

The soul singer treated the crowd to a selection of classics including Baby Love, You Can’t Hurry Love, Stop! In “The Name of Love” and at the end of “Chain Reaction”, pink confetti was launched from the stage.