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L. Consejero Presidente del Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE), Lorenzo Cordova Vianello, participa como integrante de la Misión de Observación Internalional, que presenciará la Second the elections of Colombia’s presidential elections.

Delivering the import of these comics, the Electoral Organization of Colombia, conformed to the National Electoral Consultation and the National Register of the State Establishment, organized and convinced a mission of the International Observatory in the convocation. el consejero Ciro Murayama y la consejera Adriana Favela.

Integrated by missions of electoral observations and different organizations, following the election of the second President of the Elections which will take place this 19th of June.

The consciences of the consciences and the consciences of the Cubans in their totality by the Electoral Organization of Colombia.

Colombia, entering the magnitude of a magnet

Lugo de castigar with his votes to the traditional class of politics, the Colombians will win the doomsday for the next president to enter between the two candidates with popular ideas, but with distant visions of the country: the Equestrian Gustavo Petro and the magnate of the two races Rodolfo Hernández.

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Tento Petro Como Hernandez Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Petro, 62 years old, has joined a family from the Caribbean and Lugo from the Bogotá. In his youth, when he was a student of the economy, the military in the guerrilla M-19-Nationalist and antiimperialist-desperate in 1991 came the firm of an agreement with the state. From the legitimacy, Petro has always been Bogotá, senator and three times the presidential candidate, always wants the evaluation and the progress and, for instance, in the opposition.

Hernández, de 77 años, nació en una familia trabajadora y Campsina de Pedicosta., a pueblo de Santander al noreste del país. Civil Engineering Studies in Bogotá and Luego Volvió on its tier Natal, where a fortnight of 100 million dollars sold and financed thousands of lives, on all vulnerable families. Entering the politics of reunion in 2015, every day is like a life of empire, and the elegant alkaline de Bucaramanga will send an outsider to the premise of “no robar”, take care of the finances and fight against corruption.

Silvia Otero Bahamón, a doctorate in political science and the dean of the University of Rosario, finds that even the two populists have “an ideology based on the idea of ​​corruption and corruption.”

“Petro is in contact with the pobres, the minorities and cultures of the region’s most perceptive, which because of his tenacity in poetry and invitations to participate in democracy,” Otero told The Associated Press. I think the old saying of Hernández “is more important, because the people who have been defrauded by politicking and corruption. This is one of the most important things you can do to improve your chances of succeeding, ”he added.

Petro carga con el peso de haber sido guerrillero y aunque ya no está en armas, en Colombia la izquierda ha sido marginalizada luego de lidiar por más de cinco decadas con la ahora extinta guerrilla Fuerzas Armadas de Colombia el Estado. Even after the rest of the group was defeated by the Derrotar, the conflict was over and the new discourses were more infocadas and social guarantees.

Colombia has also developed a pandemic, with almost new waves of inflection, desempleo and la Vientiane se mantieene latente, all over the zonas rurales donde grupos armados se dispatan el control de las rutas del narcotráfile la narcotráfile. The next president, Conservator Iván Duque, did not want to lose popularity and has a lot to offer in the form of multitudinary manifestations for a reform of the fiscal and for the sake of recalling histories and a passage with the breach of desiqualdad.

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