Louisiana House fails to lift Democratic governor’s veto on anti-trans sports ban

If you’ve followed a full-blown anti-trans bill bill across the country, you’ve put a lot of emphasis on keeping trans girls away from sports. Although many of these bills come with titles that suggest that the Republican mission is about protecting “women and girls” in athletics, the reality is that these bills are discriminatory, exclusionary and hateful.

Trans girls are girls, and they belong to girls’ sports teams. Furthermore, when pressured, many Republican lawmakers have struggled to pinpoint specific examples of transgender athletes as the cause of virtually any problem, rather than raising parental concerns. Or hear the concerns of coaches. Basically, Republicans are stopping anti-trans hysteria and turning a vague voice into a cry.

The Louisiana bill was the same as the others, including those who have passed like Florida, Tennessee and Arkansas. Republican Sen. Beit McCall sponsored the ban in Louisiana, which kept trans girls in kindergarten beyond grade 12 in college as well as girls’ sports. In the name of Senate Bill 156Like many others, it was misleadingly called “justice in the women’s sports act.”

As we know, trans and non-transgender young people face high rates of bullying, harassment and mental health conflicts at school. We also know that participating in sports is a common way for children and adolescents to make friends, develop mutual abilities and get exercise. Having a population that is already at high risk of being isolated and bullied by activities that can promote friendship and comradeship (plus obviously discrimination and unfairness) is cruel. Is.

Trans youth have no problem playing sports. It’s not particularly a problem that any legislator can actually point it out in the state of Louisiana, as the Louisiana High School Athletic Association has already basically banned high schools from participating in sports. Has done, as reported by ABC News.

New Orleans Democrat Royce Duplessis agreed with Edwards’ argument that the bill would hurt the state financially, calling Republican efforts “a symbolic law that does not solve any real problems.” ۔ Advocate. Dupleix added that the SB156 was also naturally discriminatory.

According to the local shop, Democratic Sen. “You either want to come to business Louisiana or you want to be discriminated against,” said Karen Carter Peterson, on the same track as Edwards and Dupleix. 4WWL. “We are going to make a decision.” Deciding whether or not to discriminate should never be difficult, but for many Republicans, it seems like a serious struggle.

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