Love Is In The Air – And So Are Jobs On The Dating App Tinder

Whether it’s a date or a job for Valentine’s Day, there’s one right place to turn: Tinder.

Tinder says it has hosted 65 billion matches worldwide since its launch 10 years ago, which makes it one of the most popular dating apps. And as its features and offerings continue to grow, so does the need for talented employees.

In the engineering team, Tinder is looking for mobile, back-end and machine-learning engineers. On the Marking team, it’s hiring for members of the social-media, graphic-design and product-design team, Chad McRae, a senior director and head of global talent acquisition, told Insider.

“We are only 600 people globally,” McRae said. “The challenges people face to work here, you see the impact from the first few days to the first few weeks, and something that might take a few months to launch here, better 18 months in a large organization It may take time.”

tinder is over 70 open positions and recruiting internationally. The company offers traditional benefits such as health care and 401(k) plans, as well as online employee-bonding opportunities such as yoga classes and pizza-making courses.

MacRae told Insider how interested job seekers can get the company to swipe right on their job applications.

Know the app and process

No matter the company, always do your research before applying for a job.

“Take a look at the Tinder newsroom online to see some of the new features we’re launching,” MacRae said. “If you’re open to it, download the app and check out some of the new pieces we’ve brought together with the ‘Explorer’ tab.”

Once job seekers are caught up on Tinder’s latest features, like the company’s recently relaunched “Blind Dates” FeatureThey can apply for open positions on Tinder’s career page Or ask for an employee referral, MacRae said.

Tinder’s hiring process is fairly standard: a recruitment screening, followed by a meeting with a hiring manager, and then one-day virtual interviews with several managers and peers. After the interview is over, Tinder will request references.

If you have applied for an engineering role, you will be given a coding assignment between the recruiter’s screening and an interview with a hiring manager.

McRae said Tinder offers a few methods for completing assignments.

“It could be a virtual one, it could be one that is just self-made, or you could have the option of meeting with an engineer and doing a screen-share with them,” he said.

keep your profile up to date

McRae said, Tinder doubled down on its recruiting team to ensure that the hiring process is as quick and easy as possible for applicants, even as applicants to their LinkedIn profiles to apply instead of resumes. allowed to use.

“If you have a LinkedIn profile created, my team will be more than happy to review his or her resume,” he said. “If you apply for a role in which your resume or profile may not really align with the job description, I would suggest pulling together a cover letter to show how transferable your skills are. and how excited you are to learn from that new opportunity.”

So even if your skill set isn’t a perfect fit for a role, MacRae encourages you to apply.

“If they have that skill set, that’s great,” he said. “But we’re really open to training people in certain roles as well.”

Tinder embraces its passion for training employees through its “Tindership” program – which offers 65 remote positions in engineering, human resources, and areas such as diversity, equity, and inclusion. McRae said Tindership interns will have the opportunity to participate in a “hackathon,” where their solutions will directly impact Tinder’s product road map.

McRae said, “We want people who are apologetic to themselves. So just show who you are.” “Our app is filled with diverse members all over the world, so we want to make sure our employees are internally reflective as well.”