Luis Miguel, Chayanne, Shakira and many more appear in the Pandora Papers

Investigation ‘Pandora Papers.‘Or’Pandora Papers.Find out what these public figures have created. Paper Society of the to buy Luxurious features, private jets and yachts; Pay less taxesManage fortune and inheritance, but also to manage investments, open a bank account and save your business profits.

In the documents. The business record is too high, Certificates, financial statements, emails, among other legal entities that allow the owners of these companies to know. Off noise, When the most common. Maintain the anonymity offered by these tax havens..

Elton John, Ringo Starr and even Mario Vargas Llosa, the last owner of a company called Malk Investments. Off noise Registered in the British Virgin Islands in 2015, a tax haven, L.P.’s report.

And, now, various icons of music in Latin America will be included, such as Louis Miguel, ‘the sun’ From Mexico, whose real-life series on Netflix has put him back on everyone’s lips.

According to Quinto Element Lab, Journalistic Research and Innovation Laboratory Luis Miguel formed a partnership. Off noise, Also in the British Virgin Islands.In mid-2015. Skyfall Marine Limited, from where He is a shareholder with his brother., Alejandro Gallego Basteri who serves as the director.

After becoming a resident of Beverly Hills, California, he sold the boat in the middle. $ 3 million.. And, at the end of 2020, the company was dissolved.

Chayan, another celebrity involved in the leak. Pandora Papers., Appears as a proxy. Fentress International SA. That, according to an August 2001 document, it was a ‘Panamanian society‘. With the power of attorney given by the company, Chayan. Collected by him anywhere in the world. And asked for a loan, until it was dissolved in 2013.

Also in the archives. Proof of bank documents and address On behalf of Chayan, linked to the establishment of a company in Florida, Elosa Investment LLC, Under OMC Group Office. His wife, Marina Elizabeth Figueroa, served as shareholder and director. His sister-in-law Anna Maronsi was also in charge.

According to the fifth element lab information, Elosa Investment owns an apartment valued at 500,000. Residences at the Hilton Grand Hotel in Baskin-Bay, Miami.

Another notable client of the Panamanian law firm OMC is Shakira III as a director. Ambiguous companies The same thing happened in the British Virgin Islands between 1999 and 2002. There will be companies. Light Production Limited, Light Tours Limited And Titania Management Inc..

These companies were transferred from OMC to service provider TMS. Off noise, And in Spain, authorities traced three companies, Shakira is accused of paying at least .5 14.5 million in taxes..

Given this, Shakira paid more than 20 million euros. Getting their situation back on track is a legal issue that has at least been resolved. Three years. His team constantly defends his presence in Spain. It was redemption, Until 2015, and they make sure. The country’s authorities were not obliged to pay income tax..

“The reality of having companies abroad. Operation is purely based on operational and commercial issues. And in no case do not enjoy any tax benefits or benefits “, defended the Colombian singer’s legal team. He is one of the few people who has come forward to talk about the situation around him. Pandora Papers.Well, little is known about the other artists, and their legal team.

In the documents of Pandora Papers.Alexandra Guzman, Miguel Bose, Julio Iglesias and model Claudia Schaefer, as well as their relatives or close associates are seen.

As we reported in Vanguardia, It is not illegal to have a company in Mexico. Off noise, As they are used to maintain assets or to protect assets outside the country, Many people use it to reduce security risks or to do international business..

However, they usually do. Controversial When politicians and government officials, celebrities, or in many cases, their relatives join or use the role of shareholder, Because they can be used to hide money and goods from the treasury or bribe..

In countries like Mexico, where the rate of corruption is very high, Sorry And there was no response from the Mexican authorities, which is self-inflicted.

With information from the Alps and the Fifth Element Lab.


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