Luisa Maria Alcalde announced the controversy in Dos Bocas, she said

Secretary of Labor, Louis Maria MeyerDemanded a peaceful solution. Union dispute at Dos Bocas refinery, Tabasco, which erupted on Tuesday. According to the president. Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador., The dispute over the labor contract is between the CTM Union and the Catem Union.

The official stressed that the Labor Reform is in line with the Labor Courts to meet property demands and ensure that free and secret ballot is respected in the process.

Today its Conference Morning, President Lopez Obrador offered to mediate the dispute., Because he told the workers that if they need a leader, he is here to help them, although he pointed out that the information they have is that they are being adequately compensated and They are being given benefits.

He denied that there was a “black hand” in the dispute and said it would happen. July 2, 2022 when the refinery will open. It will be called “Olympica”.

About the controversy, ICA Floor assures that it has fulfilled its employer’s obligations. With workers and pointed out that the dispute is from an outside group, which is not identified in the collective agreement.

Tomorrow one Clashes between a group of workers and state forces. Energy Secretary Roku Nahle confirmed that some were injured but not serious, adding that three people had been arrested.



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