Luto en la Sierra Tarahumara

Ciudad de México.- “Ya no puedo callar y necesito compartirles mi dolor”. As for the message from WhatsApp that received a message from the 21st of March, the 21st of June, the father of Javier Ávila, who informed us that in Cerocahui, in Sierra Tarahumara, will be killed by Javier Campos or Joaquíambosn ” cuerpos estaban desaparecidos; If you take the secret.

“If you have caller because you have a lot of love for the community if you talk about it,” said the brewer’s message “dolor, rabia, fe” del padre “Pato”, as we say to all of us who know Ávila.

In the two portals of Chihuahua, there is a precedent dat a hombre habeas corpus to the iglasia de porolado de Cerocahui, donde la Compañía tien una misión, ya habedsiyon. , one of herds and the other to his fellow Jesus.

More often than not, there are more people than ever, entering the house of tourist Pedro Palma, and from those securities they have taken a variety of rehenes of a hotel.

Even the ascension of the ascendants to José Noriel Portillo, concocted like “El Chueco”, a young capo of the zone that has a violent historical connotation.

Derige la siembra, production and trafficking of amapola in the barranca and in alta Tarahumara, and controlling the three municipalities: Urique, Guazapares and Uruachi, where -as a point of asinisatos-obliga a comunidades rarámuris ay subandarrass y. Troubles to “Los Salazar”, ascendants of the periodist Miroslava Breach, group responsible for the Certel de Sinaloa and the Alcaldes.

Portallo encabeza uno de los muchos grupos que controlan, cada vez en más áreas, la región norteña de Chihuahua conocida como la Tarahumara, nuestra Bella y amada sierra donde comunidades enteras viven esclavidas bajo.

Get the logic of the mercantile empire that requires its tiers, its bosques, its mano de obra, its silence, for the negativity of the drug.

All the people who live in this world will know the things that happen. Especially the sacraments, religiosities, laicos and volunteers that dedicate their lives to the accompaniment of the mystics and rhetoric, like the Pueblo de Cerocahui, in Urique, which have some criminalities in Violence.

Violence is not ancient. Notice that the narcissist is infiltrated by the elites, with the help of gobernadors, and that the candidates – like what the gente- “or no gente de partido”, sino gente adinerada, capinosostracosicos, sino. sus familiares -como lo documentaron las periodistas Patricia Mayorga y Miroslava Breach; This was last updated in 2017 by these notes-.

Recorded that in 2014 or 2015, in a conversation with the Iglesia Catholica who came to the Sisoguichi pueblo, antigua sede of the diasces of Tarahumara, the assistants came to confess to confronting the midwife in the conference.

A young integrator of a humanitarian organization, Cassie Llorando, who was always talking about his secrets to the pie of a carretra and that this was his last day in Sierra.

There is a religious contradiction that he and his community should observe silence over a mascara that would have been obsolete, and that would have kept him away for months. A gossip monger represents that there was no time for hablar, but an immediate solution to the data that tenoora atorado: in his community unicorns secured had a family.

Recognize that the various integrations of the SE were preceded by the best callers, so that the groups of armados would be allowed to pursue their business, or deny the violence that would expand through this territorial parity of passions.

“We keep our lives for no reason and because of this we are allowed to do whatever we want,” he said. Your labor is essential, helping the commodities run for the commercialization of their products.

The reality is that even more, with the help of tierra the more pobres, the displays of comrades enteralas, la tala de árboles per grums, l ass asinisatos ambisalis. And youngsters, capturing people like esclavas to work on tierra, the desperation of people, the amenas, the use of arms, and the ascendants and mascaras brutally.

This is a complication with anyone who wants to be authorized. Since the administration of Gobierno Hereda this is a problem.

December 2007, when I visited a group of students in the class in 1993, when I passed a semester on a religious misunderstanding that took place in a teleconferencing at Yokivo, Guachochi, I met an elkonosa. Pueblo, that the demons had emigrated to the great cities of the state or the United States, and the other two had been assessed and a despair.

The pueblo ahora is tomado by grupos armados.

In 2008, the youngest of Creel, who had a parade of passengers from Chihuahua to the Pacific, was the first to smile at the first kiss of Felipe Calderón, the 12-month-old.

In this case, the “pato”, which is the center of human rights, is the only public ministry because the policy deserves respect and accuracy.

These entities, in their communications for this regiment, are often associated with pastoral agents, human rights defenders, forest technicians and public functions on the real estate.

When you try to get one of the rodearon hombres armados. Que siy cuando dieron vuelta por una curva los esperaba un retén de sicarios. If you receive a donation to help family members. What if the pueblo was made without personal medicine or docente because nadie wanted it to be someone else who secured or talked or amassed or ascended. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask.

Así está la Tarahumara: captured by intereses criminals and their inhabitants as esclavos.

Escribo this message to the princes, when we hear notices that indicate that the number of rehearsals may be up to 40, that furon encountered in the zona, that the Guardia Nacional is hibernated with hibernation. los cuerpos de los jesuitas, y que sean encontrados sanos y salvos los rehenes.

And he receives messages from the Jesuits who say that he loves them, but also loves to know that his men “murieron as always live, love and protect their men”, other friends of the Immunidas with their This cream is desperate for even the youngest and is a treat in Tarahumara, the periodic friends who know that the ocurido in Cerocahui is what makes us feel the las and serranos, especially the msásnerable.

The texts like the “Pato” Ávila, which concludes with a message of fe: “There are many details, but not the moment more to share my doll, my rabia, and even my god in the god of life that We will never give up on life because of the demons or we will not be able to get out of the way, because we will never give up. ”