Lynch, Solar and Perez beat the Tigers 6-1


KANAS CITY, MO (AP) – George Solar scored two runs, Salvador Perez blasted three runs and Daniel Lynch played eight scoreless innings to win his first major league match, beating the Kansas City Royals 6-1. Victory was won. Detroit Tigers on Sunday.

The Royals took a 4-0 lead in the first innings when Perez hit his team’s leading 23rd home run and Solar won his 11th for the Royals, who have won their fifth straight match.

It was the second straight game in which Perez hit a three-run homer.

Solar made his second home run in the third innings, his fourth in five games.

Jarrod Dyson put up an RBI single in the seventh. The Royals finished the afternoon with eight hits and were left with only two bases to sweep in the three-match series.

After returning from Triple-A Amaha on Sunday morning, Lynch (1-2) gave up five wins and scored four runs. He was Kansas City’s first starter this season to toss eight innings.

Eric Haas competed on Aaron Santana’s Tigers’ lone run in the ninth. Jack Brentz came and closed the door on Detroit.

Turkish Scoble (6-9) conceded five runs on five hits in five innings of work with four strikes. Longball punished Scable, who entered the game with a 19-year permit.

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Royals: Kansas City have selected Tanner Zubair as Triple-A Amaha to recall Lynch.

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Matt Manning (2-3, 5.79 ERA) will play a three-game series for the Tigers in Minnesota.

Kansas City started a four-game series against Chicago. Michael Minor (7-8, 5.45) will take the mound for the Royals.

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