Mallow is upset to see Ballinkolnig in Cork PSFC encounter

County PSFC

mallow 0-10

Ballinkollig 0-6

Last year’s County Senior A FC champions Mallow began a life win in the Premier Tier when an overall impressive team performance saw them qualify as winners at the Ballinkolliga in Morenabe on Saturday.

The North Cork side laid the groundwork for the win with an impressive performance across the backline with Paul Lyon on the sidelines.

The sides were level early in a low-scoring encounter when Darragh Moynihan and Sean Keeley made free trades until the 8th minute.

Ballinkoln made some chances that they failed to convert from scoreable opportunities, while Mallow played with Matty Taylor, Shane Merritt, Darragh Moynihan, Eoin Stanton, Ryan Harkin, Jimmy Glynn and Jack Dillon in long-shaded cases of strong wind. assisted.

Jack Dillon led him with a point before Matty Taylor and Jimmy Glynn joined well to set up Eoin Stanton, who kicked off a fine point. By the end of the first quarter, John Brown took them 0-4 to 0-1 with a long range free.

Ballinkollig regrouped well from here with Liam Jennings, Noel Galvin, Sean Keely, Peter O’Neill and Sean Keely. In the 16th minute, Sean Keeley took over the half-back line and kicked off a great point after a fine single.

Mallow responded when a good movement involving Matty Taylor saw Ryan Harkin kicking. Ballinkölig remained far from the target.

He came close to scoring a goal late in the half when Peter O’Neill was denied a fine interception by Mallow’s Stephen O’Callaghan.

The resulting clearance down the field saw Matty Taylor, Kieran O’Sullivan, Eoin Stanton, Jimmy Glynn and Ryan Harkin link up well to set up wing back Sam Copps, who kicked from 0-6 to 0-2. Mari.

The Ballinkliga finished the first half scoring in injury time when Harry Ahern pointed out that there were three points left between the teams in the gap.

Ballinkolig improved greatly on change but he found it very difficult to break a stubborn Mallow defense.

Mallow keeper Kevin Doyle was called into action in the opening minutes of the half when Harry Ahearn and Darragh O’Mahony combined well to set up Shaun Keely, whose shot on goal was shot at the cost of a point by the Mallow keeper. Brilliantly saved.

Sean McDonnell at the other end scored a free gesture for Mallow, with Darren Murphy responding for Ballinkollig, who left it all to play as the game went from 0-7 to 0-5 in the final quarter.

With Mallow winning a lot of significant turnovers at a crucial stage of the game, the Ballinkliga was finding it difficult to advance. Two frees from Jack Dillon and John Brown helped the winner take a 0-9 0-5 lead in the 49th minute.

He advanced the double score six minutes later when Eoin Stanton’s attempt for a point was blocked with the ball breaking into the path of John Brown, who kicked. In the last five minutes, Bolinkölig threw caution to the wind.

They stayed far from the target, while Mallow Backline held the upper hand. Jordan O’Connor scored a late free for the mid Cork side but it was not enough as there was no denying Mallow a memorable win.

rub: K Doyle, P Leon, S O’Callaghan, E Krone, S Cops 0-1, S Merritt, M ​​Taylor, D Moynihan 0-1 f, E Stanton 0-1, K O’Sullivan, J Dillon 0-2 ( 0 -1f), J Glynn, J Brown 0-3 (0-2f), R Harkin 0-1, S McDonnell 0-1f Sub: S Cops (Blood) for P Herlihy, P Herlihy for S Cops, J Glynn for P Herlihy

Ballinkollig: C Walsh, G O Donoghue, N Galvin, S O’Neill, L Fahy, L Jennings, C Kylie 0-2 (0-1 F), P O’Neill, S Kylie 0-1, L O’Connell, R Noonan, H Ahearn 0-1, D O’Mahony, D Murphy 0-1 F, S Door Sub: J O’Connell 0-1 f for L’Connell (injection), P Kelly for D O’Mahony, R Curran for Sean Dore, D O’Mahony for D Murphy

Referee: Pa O’Driscoll (Bridal Rovers)