Manchester City vs Preston North End Forecast, Preview, Team News and more

Manchester City Take to the championship Preston North End Tuesday in the campaign’s first pre-season game.

The game is to be played behind closed doors after the outbreak of COVID-19 at Manchester City’s training ground.

Pep Guardiola’s last men’s game UEFA Champions League The last clash in which they lost 1-0 to Chelsea. Kai Hortz’s first half goal proved to be a decisive strike as Manchester City could not find a way back into the game.

Manchester City won Premier League And EFL Cup Last season, however, the coalition once again failed to advance to the biggest stage in Europe as they lost in the Champions League final.

Pep Guardiola, of course, wants to give Manchester City their first Champions League trophy next season.

Preston, on the other hand, has since begun preparations for next season with a pre-season sports series.

They traveled to Eckington Stanley on Saturday for their last pre-season game, which ended 1-1. Jamie Thomas gave Preston the lead before Joe Pritchard tied the tie for the home side.

Manchester City vs. Preston North and Head to Head

Manchester City and Preston have met 94 times in the past. Etihad Club has won 43 of those meetings, while Preston has won 33. The other 18 games have ended in a draw.

The last meeting between the two sides was in September 2019 in Round Three of the EFL Cup, in which Manchester City won 3-0.

Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus’ first half and Ryan Lidson’s own goal gave Pep Guardiola the lead.

Manchester City Farm Guide: Still to play

Preston North End Farm Guide: DLWDW

Manchester City v Preston North and Team News

Manchester City

When they face Preston on Tuesday, Manchester City will be without several senior players. Players who were in the Euro or Copa America are currently on leave and will not be available for play.

The players include England’s Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden, John Stones, Kyle Walker and Portugal’s Ruben Dias and Bernardo Silva.

Fernandes Torres, Rodrigo and Emery Lippert will also be absent, as they represented Spain at Euro 2020. Brazil’s Gabriel Jesus and Anderson will also not be available. Other players who can’t be missed include Kevin de Bruyne, Alexander Zhenchenko, Nathan Ake and LK Gundogan.

Injured: No one

To complain: No one

Suspended: No one

Not Available: Rahim Sterling, Phil Foden, John Stones, Kill Walker, Robin Dias, Bernardo Silva, Ferran Torres, Rodrigo, American Leport, Gabriel Jesus, Anderson, Kevin de Bruyne, Alexander Zinchenko, Nathan Ake, Elke Gundogan

Preston North End

Preston boss Frankie McAvoy has a relatively full force, with only one midfielder, Azi Brown, out due to injury. Brown encountered a bouncing Achilles during training and will be back for a while.

Matthew Olusonde is skeptical as he was on the right side of several heavy tackles in Preston’s game against St John Stone two weeks ago.

Midfielder Daniel Johnson is unavailable as he is currently on international duty with Jamaica. Paul Huntington is also absent for personal reasons.

Injured: Easy Brown

To complainMatthew Olusonde

Suspended: No one

Not Available: Daniel Johnson, Paul Huntington

Manchester City vs. Preston North End Prediction XI

Manchester City predicts XI (4-3-3)Scott Carson, Ian Cotto, Philip Sandler, Luke Maybett, Benjamin Mandy, Fernandinho, Romeo Leviathan, Benjamin Knight, Riaz Mehriz, Cole Palmer, Lame Delap

Preston North End Predicted XI (3-4-1-2)Declan Road, Jordan Story, Liam Lindsay, Andrew Hughes, Greg Cunningham, Tom Barkhoesen, Ryan Lidson, Benjamin Whiteman, Alan Brown, Emil Rise, Sean Maguire

Manchester City vs. Preston North End Forecast

Preston has already played five pre-season games and this is Manchester City’s first match, so the level of fitness is expected to be higher in the long run.

Manchester City, however, have enough power to win and start the race ahead of their season.

prediction: Manchester City 3-1 Preston North End

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