“Many people know why I didn’t kick… I had to move away from the circle I was in” – Aaron Connolly

Aaron Connolly believes that moving to Italy and eliminating the bad influences in his life can save him from becoming a forgotten man of Irish football.

Onnoli is adjusting to a new environment after agreeing a loan move from Brighton to Venezia, and Galvezian has suggested he may have played his last game for the Premier League club.

The 22-year-old dropped off the radar with Brighton and Ireland last season in the UK and in his first interview since his transfer to the continent, Connolly opened up on how his loss of desire and appetite is linked with Park’s unhappiness with his development. has stopped.

Those factors prevented him from capitalizing on a brief stint with Middlesbrough earlier this year, but Connolly insisted that a strong pre-season with Venezia reminded him of what he needed to do, saying That he now understands why Ireland boss Stephen Kenny and assistant Keith Andrews were complicit in their case last season.

Speaking to Irish Football Fan TV, Galvezian indicated that he was staying away from the park which was hindering his career and his well being.

“Physically and mentally, I haven’t felt so strong in a long time,” says Connolly, who was tipped to top in the autumn of 2019 after his Premier League success against Tottenham.

“Many people know why I didn’t kick and I know myself. So this move was important for Italy, just to move away from the circle I was in back in England, I needed a fresh start.

“My confidence was on deck when I missed the opportunity and was not playing. I was not in the right place to take loan last year. I did it because I wanted to play football but I wish this version of me appeared in Middlesbrough now. It would have been a different story.

“Mentally, I wouldn’t have been able to go abroad last season. I wouldn’t get excited. But this time, I couldn’t say yes quickly enough. I have a good group of people around me now, teammates. A good group… the old hoop I used to be around the pitch, I had to make up my mind.

“It’s either going to the phase I was going through and eventually I’ll be completely forgotten. At that point I’m probably the forgotten man in Irish football and if I keep connecting with people I already know If I was adding, I would have been completely off the scale.

“Now I think I’ve changed that and hopefully people will be able to see it with performance and work rate and expectation goals.

“I was with people off the field and away from the training ground, it was never going to benefit me in any way, being around people in some places. The support network around me right now, friends and family, the only people who are in my life right now are helping. They don’t want anything from me.”

Connolly says a big element of his motivation has been to return to the Ireland team and prove he appreciates opportunities to pull off the green jersey.

He was the first choice under Kenny, but had not started since the draw with Azerbaijan in Dublin last September, where he was put on hiatus. Kenny and Andrews later show Connolly a video of their performance, which they say now reconciles with his mood at the time.

“I had a meeting with Keith and Stefan and they were showing me clips from the Azerbaijan game where I wasn’t pressuring and then they showed me the clip of the U21 game (with Sweden in 2019) where I wouldn’t stop running . He faded away without understanding me.

“That love for football has probably faded in the last three seasons. Everyone can probably tell from my performance at times. And probably the way I distanced myself on and off the pitch sometimes. Now I’m in a better headspace, you look at games and think ‘was I really hanging around for that long? Was my head really down for so long? Did I really walk around like that?’

“At the time when people were telling me, I didn’t want to hear or hear or see that what they were saying to me was true,” he continued.

“Now, the number of things I’ve been doing in this pre-season like I was in four seasons ago, five seasons ago, six seasons, that’s when you really start to realize how much the hunger and the desire and love for the game faded. It has fallen in the last few seasons.”

Connolly says his goal for the year is to become Serie B top scorer with Venezia. However, he said he did not speak with Graham Potter about the move, which appears ominous in terms of his Brighton prospects.

“I’m not sure he really knew, I only went back to pre-season for a week and not much was said, I knew my time was there when I went back,” he said .

“I knew I was going to go back on loan or go permanently. It’s hard to be around an environment where you know you weren’t wanted there. I knew that when I was back for pre-season Coming up, I probably wouldn’t wear a Brighton shirt again. I had the mindset that I’d leave the club. It wasn’t a shock when I was told I wouldn’t go on a pre-season trip; when you know something’s going to happen It’s easy to process.”