‘Maradona made us dream’; they prepare tributes to Diego

Almost a year after the football star’s death Diego MaradonaThousands of followers will remember him with a series of events in Argentina and the world, as tributes spread and requests grow for justice to clarify the circumstances surrounding his death.

“Pelusa”, world champion with the Argentine team in 1986, passed away on 25 November 2020 at the age of 60 due to cardiac arrest, after suffering from various health problems and undergoing cranial surgery.

Maradona’s life, born in a very humble neighborhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires and becoming one of the best football players in history, was turned into TV series, murals and statues.

Diego made us feel so many things (…) it was wonderful, it was like seeing a small child (boy) who had nothing and suddenly had everything. So (it was) to make us dream and imagine that we can also do amazing things“, sa Ezequiel Rossi, a 34-year-old Argentine teacher.

The tributes will not only take place in Argentina.

The South American Football Association (Conmebol) will be celebrated in Montevideo on Thursday, where the finals of the Copa Sudamericana (November 20) and the Copa Libertadores de América (November 27) will be played, a tournament that Maradona never played.

A tribute will be given to one of history’s greatest football players, and remembers the anniversary of his death, he said Conmebol.

Maradona’s personal life was as changeable and controversial as his professional life. Surpluses with drugs and alcohol, loud public statements and children who were only recognized late around the world – apart from his eldest daughters Dalma and Gianinna – marked the idol.

Recently, a Cuban woman accused him of sexual violence.

As part of the tributes, the Italian club Naples“, where the player is deified after leading him to win his only two titles in the Italian league -1987 and 1990-, he will play three matches in November wearing T-shirts with the black and white face of a young Maradona to honor” an emblematic figure from his time and an undisputed icon of world football. “

In Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, Barcelona and Boca Juniors clubs where the icon played – will play “Maradona Cup“, a tribute to the one-year anniversary of his death.

But his most intimate environment is still too shaken by his death to attend tributes.

That day is the worst day of my life (…) I feel that day is not to honor or celebrate, let alone celebrate, he said recently Dalma Maradona, one of his daughters, on Instagram, announces that he will not participate in the events.

Argentines remember his skill on the court, but also the controversies, such as a cocaine addiction that quickly led him to the end of his career and his relationship with the governments of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro In Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolivia and Fidel Castro in Cuba.

“People blame Maradona all, but Maradona did not deal with himself (…) How do you dominate a person who is addicted and had the life he lived? I insist, I do not justify what he did with many things (…) ) I do not know, that’s why I separate the player from the human, says Alejandro Sterli, a 61-year-old shooting instructor.


Mariano Israelit, one of the best friends of “10”, said he would like a clarification of the circumstances in which he died, as a medical board appointed by the Judiciary indicated that the team that helped the idol before his death acted in an “inappropriate, inadequate manner”. and ruthless. “

Justice this month prosecuted the seven medical staff who visited Maradona for alleged murders with intent.

“I still do not think that (Diego) is there, that he can not call him, that he can not share a barbecue, that he can not share a conversation. Not only is he not there but it is not known who killed him yet because Diego did not die Diego was killed, Israel said in a recent interview.

The Israeli said the football star’s caretaker prevented friends and family from visiting him recently, except that they blocked their phone, and that the last time he saw him, Maradona asked him not to abandon him or leave him alone.

He was spontaneous, he was very cool, very clairvoyant, (but) two years ago I was not in those conditions. He was a very villainous (cunning) guy. Now he was another Diego, he is not the Diego I lived with, the one I worked with, the one I was dealing with. This was a sad Diego, a sad, depressed Diego, said the Israelite.

“It ended just because they did not let him meet his family or friends,” he added of Maradona’s last days, which he affectionately called “Little” or “Nene” because of his short physique.

Questioned by his attitudes, but confirmed by those who consider him an eternal defender of the weakest, Maradona’s figure has become an emblem of football that may be superior to Brazilian Pelés or his compatriots Alfredo Di Stéfano and Lionel Messi.

If I die, I want to be born again and I want to become a football player. And I want to be Diego Armando Maradona again. I am a player who has given people joy and that is enough for me and I have lots “, said the idol in an interview with a local media in 1992.



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