Marco Cortes has warned that electricity costs will increase after the power reform.

Mexico City Light across the country, Marco Curtis Mendoza, Pan’s national president-elect, confirmed.

In a statement, he reiterated that the move was “disastrous and regressive” because, in addition to the negative impact on the cost of electricity supply for the population, It will affect investment, production chains, economic activity, employment opportunities, exchange rates and the environment.

“We reject this power reform because we are defending the economy and the health of Mexico. We are protecting families so that they do not pay the price for the broken vessels of this evil government. The consequences of this move in Mexico will be serious and irreversible. I dare say that this is a very destructive proposal that we know of in many governments.

We reject this power reform because we are defending the Mexican economy and health. We are protecting families so that they do not have to pay for the broken vessels of this evil government.

Marco Curtis, national leader of Penn.

Curtis Mendoza reminded that from the very first moment of the announcement of the reform, “we do not hesitate to reject it”, as it is against the production of better power supply options for citizens and companies. Costs, competition between manufacturing companies, and a brighter future for future generations.

“In National Action, we are committed to clean and affordable energy for the benefit of the people, we promote the participation of individuals. In power generation, we support new investments and employment opportunities in the energy sector to keep the country competitive in front of the international community.

He added that converting the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) into a monopoly on power generation would mean the cancellation of contracts with private suppliers worth more than Rs 1.6 billion. Investments, and the payment of billions of dollars in payments, not to mention constant blackouts, industry shutdowns and job losses.

“The solar panels that many Mexicans and many small and large businesses use on a daily basis that the government does not provide for clean and affordable electricity will be scrapped. Mexican businesses will have to eliminate their clean and cheap sources of electricity. To connect back to the grid and get dirty and expensive energy, “he explained.

Finally, he warned that the proposal runs counter to international commitments. For Mexico, for which he expressed confidence that opposition parliamentary groups would make the best decision by rejecting this highly effective counter-reform. For the country “


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