Marigold flowers begin to be sold in Zuchemilko.

Marigold flowers officially went on sale in Xochimilco on Thursday afternoon.

After the Cove 19 epidemic, this year’s marigold flower production increased its production by fifty percent.

We expect a good season for the families who depend here, not just a few, with just over 8,000 families in different cities and neighborhoods with the entire floriculture sector.

With the increase in production of marigolds, considerable economic expansion is expected, as stated by Environment Secretary Marina Rubles at a press conference this afternoon.

An estimated 2,800,000 plants were produced this year, with an estimated 100 million pesos benefiting economically.

The Marigold Flower, which illuminates the path of souls, was unveiled at a press conference at the Ecosomatic Market this afternoon and will be on sale in shopping centers and public markets in 16 municipalities of the country’s capital.

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