Marlene Favela reveals that she was about to die after suffering a stroke, El Siglo de Torreón

Mexican actress Marlene Favela told of one of the most shocking moments of her life, the protagonist of one of the most successful soap operas of the time, “Wild Cat”, lived a moment that made her fight for her life.

In an interview with journalist María Patricia Castañeda, she revealed that she was in intensive care and underwent brain surgery.

The actress told how she realized that something was wrong with her body, after a flight from Mexico to Miami. When they arrived at a clinic, they asked him to go to a hospital urgently.

He noted that when he landed in Miami, he began to feel pressure in his forehead, something he thought was related to an allergy caused by air conditioners. One of the symptoms he began to feel was a pressure in his forehead. That day he ate dinner with his best friend, but due to the condition he was in, he decided to cancel, but he took an hour of jogging on the treadmill. Later she felt her body cut off, when she got ready to sleep her legs felt numb, so she immediately decided to ask her friend who she was visiting to take her to a clinic.

When they did a medical checkup, they asked her friend to take her to a hospital immediately because they indicated she had something in her brain.

“They said to my friend: ‘Are you his family member?’ ‘I’m not his best friend.’ ‘Okay, the lady has a stroke and we need to intervene immediately,’ he said.

Marlene asked her friend not to call anything, when they did the procedure they kept her under observation for four days. Eventually she ended up in the intensive care unit for three weeks, but they told her that she had to have surgery, but because she was dangerous, they asked her to inform her relatives and draw up a will.

“Talk to your family, do your will, do what you have to do.”

He then had to contact his family.

On the day of her operation, her boss told her that Telemundo was interested in giving her a soap opera, so Marlene asked to clarify her situation with the company.

“Doctors say that if my surgery is a success, I can rebuild my life the next day.”

The Telemundo boss understood the circumstances.

“I had surgery on Thursday and on Monday I was in the Telemundo pictures and recorded” Revenge’s face “.


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