Martina and Birdman, a story about migration, told with puppets.

The reality of undocumented immigrants can be difficult for the youngest, sometimes older, family members to understand, but the Martina and Birdman dramas bring this situation to the fore.

Directed by Osvaldo Toure and produced by FOCO Teatro, this text by Monica Hooth will arrive in Saltillo this Friday, October 15 at 6:00 pm at the Jesus Valdes Chamber Theater as a thin show with an entrance fee of 50 paise. As part of the call, “Creation and Circuit of Puppets and Objects”, is invited by the Federal Secretary of Culture through the National Center for the Arts and Project Chapultepec, Nature and Culture.

“The call suggests that we as a company do a new job and this is a short circuit, a short tour of Chuhua, Durango, Kohvalu and Nuevo Leونn. And then our premiere was in Nuevo Len and now we have another Go to the states.

Regarding the text, he pointed out that the author created it on arrival in Guangzhou, where he saw how immigrants boarded trains, a picture that inspired him to tell the story of Martina and his immigrant father. What

“This is a very current problem, there is no easy solution and this is a problem that young people can empathize with, even if they are in an immigrant situation. I think this is something we can all empathize with, “he said.

Although the article is complex in both text and montage, it is considered understandable to all ages, so Tovar emphasized that it was created through different levels.

“That is, those who have all the information about the situation of immigrants can find interesting details in the work. The youngest one can find the role of an adventurer, an adventurer who overcomes various obstacles. Capable and touching the youngest and youngest puppets and everything we take there.


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