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It is very mentioned, in the actual context, that the post-covid changes have generated an accelerated adoption of digital tools, both for businesses and clients, so it is not surprising that today many meetings are held with virtual labor models, including virtual ones. tornado como algo relatively normal trabajar desde casa; but this was not successful for the simple fact of acquiring a license for a virtual platform of videoconferences. Para desempeñar de manera successto los retos del negocio, se tuvenon que superar otro tipo de desafios, por ejemplo ¿Quántas personas tuvenon que learner a utilizar correctamente una webcam? How many business leaders have adjusted work equipment and the way they used to perform activities that happened before in the same physical space?

It is estimated that in developing countries, a category that also includes Mexico according to the World Bank, on average we have jumped a decade in terms of technology adoption time. The processes of transformation towards digitalization seem new due to the rapidity of the forced adoption that we live through the effects of the pandemic, but a study from the University of Cambridge shows that the roots of the digital transformation once in 9 years, Spain talks about the transformation of the businesses, mainly due to the arrival of the Internet, and the process of evolution is illustrated from two main areas that are the transformation of businesses and the transformation enabled by technology.

In this study, it is indicated that experts around the world agree that the process of digital reinvention in business does not center only on the adoption of new technologies, but rather on a change in aesthetics and cultural theft. In the same way, different employees were expressed to indicate that a correct strategy is the most important point in the phase of adopting new technologies.

D igual forma, la cultural organization también es considereda como un elemento strategício en los procesos de transformación hacia la digitalización. A recent research carried out by the University of Harvard indicates that 85% of those surveyed affirmed that having an adequate combination of technology, processes and culture is the key to success.

It is very interesting to observe that, as part of this study, it was found that one of the main obstacles, indicated by the surveys, referring to the digital transformation, is culture with 55%, followed by ignorance with 43% until the end. la tecnología con un 30%. When studying in more detail organizational culture as one of the main inhibitors of digital transformation, it was found that employers indicate that collaboration, adaptability, transparency and integration Cultura de los principales uno de la transformation de la transparencia e integration de las princesales de la transformation de la caractasque.

Through an interview reviewed if the main facilitators and inhibitors of the digital transformation in Mexico follow the international trends with the entrepreneur and expert in the digital transformation of the Mexican companies, Dr. As the director of innovation and digital transformation of Clickmipyme and with a perspective very close to the reality of local companies, Dr. Castro recognizes that the digital transformation in Mexico has different levels of application depending on the company, the application needs of digital adoption are different for micro, small and medium companies; por ejemplo, for a micro it can be of great impact to adopt solutions that help in their customer service processes, while for a medium-sized company it could be of value to adopt Internet of Things (IoT) tools for their control floes. las cosas.

Finally, it can be highlighted that the digital transformation of businesses is going from being a competitive advantage to being a requirement to compete in today’s world, and it has been indicated that the adoption processes of new technologies nuevas lacnologías de la involución; It is about integrating organizational culture, processes and adequate technology that correctly support the strategy, mission and vision of businesses.

Masha Kluges

The author is a researcher at the Centro de Evolución Digital y profesora del Departamento Negocios Internacionales y Logística de la Escuela de Negocios del Tecnológico de Monterrey.