Math and Carey player ratings: Troy, Klee and O’Sullivan shine brightest as Royals reign

Here’s how Meath and Carey rated after the All-Ireland Ladies SFC Finals at Croke Park.


Monica McGuirk – 7

A shaky pass in the second half but made on the ball in normal play. Made his mark with nine kick-outs out of 14.

Shauna Ennis – 7

Stuck on his corner and was forced to go on business early. A key component in a defense that averaged only seven points per game this summer.

Mary Kate Lynch – 8

Mostly Danielle O’Leary was marked, but like the rest of the full-back line, he kept his ground. When the game was still a competition, some of the pressure-relieving kick-outs won at crucial stages.

Katie New – 6

Caught for a Carey goal early in the first half, Lewis failed to collect one of McGuirk’s restarts before buying a brilliant dummy from née Mhuirchartigh.

Aoibin Lehi – 6

She was motoring well when she bent her knee backward. Played for another five minutes but succumbed to injury and went on till the 22nd minute.

Emma Troy – 9

Wearing number six but pushed to the right from the start. To get the ball to your goal at the right time in the right place and immediately after deducting another point.

Aobhin Clary – 9

An extraordinary, all-action performance. Meath’s best ball-career, found himself on the ball over and over again. Kick-out at both ends won. Only one final product missing – two wide kicked.

Maire O’Shaughnessy – 8

The calmest, most confident player on the pitch. Got caught in a rough and tumble around middle third and as always, doing all the simple things the right way helped her defence.

Orlag Lally – 7

A free was won at the end of the first half. Traffic directed around the middle and a great foil and source of status for meth’s runners.

Megan Thine – 7

Ten numbers lined up on the wing-back despite the wear, but part of a well-oiled machine between two ’45s. An important, under-appreciated part of Meath’s success.

Emma Duggan – 8

His match-winner in the previous round missed some early long-distance frees, but won two crucial kick-outs that resulted in Meath’s goals. Footballer of the Year was awarded.

Kelsey Nesbit – 6

At the beginning of the first half, often on her own, was in the forefront. It was his straight run, and the wrong shot, which led to Troy’s goal that gave Meath a breather.

Vicky Wall – 8

Penalized wrongly and eventually sin-bound but with every touch the ball exploded. It was a bounce off the wall and set up Meath’s third goal.

Stacy Grimes – 8

Two of his three free kicks were kicked and the other tied for play. Squared off the ball to Niamh O’Sullivan to convert Meath’s second goal from close range.

Niamh O’Sullivan – 9

Received TG4 Player of the Match award. Scored 1-2 runs, won a few freebies, attacked Carey’s kick-out and injected momentum every time the ball was taken.

Bench Effect – 8

Orla Byrne was exceptional, adding energy after coming on for the stricken Lehi. Bridgeta Lynch was rewarded for her persistence with a third goal.


Ciara Butler – 6

Got a Kerry player with his 11 kick-outs, but endured some tough spells thanks to Meath’s aggressive press.

Julie O’Sullivan – 6

Late in the first half, an unnecessary free conceded, for a blow on Kelsey Nesbitt. She came under pressure when Meath closed her channel.

Kayleigh Cronin – 8

One of Kerry’s best. Won the gritty ball under intense pressure and blocked Meath’s chances at the end of the first half. A solid, impressive presence.

Alice Lynch – 7

Made a clean disposal at the start of the second half and well marked Stacy Grimes. The quick reflexes prevented some potential scoring opportunities.

Ashling O’Connell – 6

Emma Duggan and was one of many players who gave freebies for minimal contact.

Emma Costello – 7

Niamh O’Sullivan was initially marked, but withdrew to play more roles. Shown for his own kick-out and won an inspiring Meath restart at the end of the first half.

Ciara Murphy – 6

Proceeded to kick a point. Well patrolled her wing and Meath was not the only one struggling to stop the repeated wave of runners.

Lorraine Scanlon – 8

Scored an excellent point from a tight angle at the end of the first half and was Carey’s most dominant player in the middle third, showing up for kick-outs repeatedly.

Cat Lynch – 7

Carry the ball well but was penalized for taking too many steps at a time. Kerry tried to add momentum to the game but was repeatedly swallowed.

Niyam Carmody – 6

Fouled early in the free and got a bad ball out early in the second half. It lasted till the 44th minute when he was replaced by the management.

Siofra O’Shea – 6

Kicked off a crucial point but never threatened to score like he did in previous games. Stayed near Meath Chowk and succumbed to possession.

Anna Galvin – 6

The congested middle third never caught fire. Took over simple, smart choices, but didn’t score and hit a wide kick in the first half.

Paris McCarthy – 6

A peripheral man, Carey needed to move the ball into his inner line more quickly and McCarthy was one of those who suffered a slow approach.

Danielle O’Leary – 6

Turned away from goal and scored a point. Part of a Kerry attack who averaged 22 points in his previous championship matches but was placed 1-7 here.

Louise née Muircharteigh – 7

A brilliant dummy and a humiliating end to his goal but Meth had three players to get into the position at any given time. Cut the extremely disappointed person in the second half.

Bench Effect – 6

There were two players under Carey’s management; Niamh Ní Conchúir and Erica McGlynn reached the middle of the second half, but by then, Meath had claimed his superiority.