Matthew Parkinson is bowling brilliantly at The Hundred

In the Hundred Game between Manchester Originals and Birmingham Phoenix, league spinner Matthew Parkinson stunned everyone with his skillful and deceptive delivery.

In the 81st ball of Phoenix’s innings, Matthew Parkinson threw a definite rapper who was standing near the yard outside the league stumps. batsmen , Chris Cook, Tried to play down the delivery line. However, the ball changed abnormally, leaving Coke unattended, and hitting the middle and off stumps.

Birmingham Phoenix was delighted with the dismissal surprise, while commentators were as shocked as Ball.

Watch the dismissal video here:

Fans enjoyed Matthew Parkinson’s ball and there were some interesting reactions. One of the fans even demanded that he be given a place in the Test team, while the other tweeted that this is the closest delivery she is witnessing to Shane Warren’s ‘Ball of the Century’.

With the help of Matthew Parkinson’s bravery, the Originals won by 6 wickets

Matthew Parkinson was spotless in the match and played a key role in the Manchester Originals’ 6-wicket haul.

He hit the ball right in the first over of the game and opened his account with a dangerous wicket. Liam Livingstone On the 26th ball of the innings. The 27-year-old was standing up for an adult but fell into the trap of Matthew Parkinson. He tried to run a massive campaign to stop a delivery that erupted but he gave the final short to a third man.

After that, Matthew Parkinson managed to take three more wickets in four consecutive deliveries, including Chris Cook’s skull. He took wickets Tom Helm And Imran Tahir The 83rd and 84th balls of the innings and Birmingham’s innings of 84 balls helped to 87/10. Of the 19 balls he bowled in the game, Parkinson gave up just nine runs and had 13 deli dots.

A vigilant 30 by the captain Jose Butler, Philip Salt’s 22 off 11 balls and unbeaten 16 runs Tom Lammonby, Helped the Manchester Originals win the match by six wickets and 27 balls.


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