Matthew Wolf a ‘different person’ after the mental health break

Matthew Wolf is not a global figure, Naomi Osaka and Simon Byles are in their respective sports.

But Wolf, a 22-year-old PGA Tour player looking for his way, is delivering the same message that the two superstars have given in recent months – that dealing with mental health should not be a bad thing and that high-level There are mental issues for players. Unlike torn ACLs and rotating cuffs when it comes to weakening injuries.

Life in Wolf came very fast.

Joining Wolf Tiger Woods and Ben Crane Shaw at Oklahoma State College, he became only the third player to win both the NCAA individual title and the PGA Tour event that year.

He became a pro in June 2019 and won the PGA Tour a month later. In his first two major championships, he finished fourth at the 2020 PGA Championships and second at the 2020 US Open.

It turned out that Wolf had everything – success, money, fame, a retiring personality and good looks.

Unless any of these things matter.

By early 2021, Wolfe’s supposedly perfect life was shattered. He was not happy on or off the golf course.

Life was coming to him so fast that he decided to slow it down.

Matthew Wolf
Matthew Wolf

After a series of catastrophic events on the golf course اچ a sudden return to 2021 farmer insurance after the first round 78, another round at WGC Workday after the first round 83, disqualification in the Masters after shooting at 76 in the first round And before signing the wrong score in the second round and starting the WD from the PGA Championship – Wolfe left the PGA Tour in April citing mental health issues.

When Wolfe appeared in 2019, he entered the PGA Tour as part of a trio of 20 special players, including Colin Morekawa and Victor Howland, who were destined for greatness. Wolf – though polite and respectful – emerged as the least polished and mature of the three.

Morikawa and Holland were old spirits – older than their age. Wolf was lucky. Yet his decision to break up and his subsequent bravery in speaking out about it raised Wolf’s level of maturity.

Wolf took his time and returned to play in the US Open in June. Northern Trust this week. At Liberty National in Jersey City. This is the sixth incident after this break.

“It’s still a piece,” Wolf said. “I’m doing much better. I feel like I’m starting to realize that performance doesn’t affect the person as much as I am, and I can still be friendly with the fans and talk to people. I can smile and enjoy and be there and enjoy all the hard work I put into where I am today.

Morikawa on Wednesday praised Wolf’s decision to take time off and resolve his problems.

“It was a very honorable decision, and I’m glad people are talking about it because we don’t really know what people are going through,” Morikawa said. “You don’t know what your friend is going through. Matt, at such a young age, to make sense of it – with people like Naomi Osaka and Simon Bailey – for the little ones. I think this is very important.

Morikawa said she spent time with Wolf at the US Open in June and Liberty National on Tuesday and was encouraged by what she saw and heard from her friend.

“I think Matt is getting better,” Morikawa said. “It was great to see him at the US Open. I talked to him for a while and he looked like a completely different person, and he seemed happy about it. And that’s how I know Matt. Matt is a very happy child; he is a child. Nice to see you back on track.

Everyone has their own insecurities – even those who are at the top of their careers and whose lives seem to be perfect.

Although his life seemed bulletproof, he had the ability to slow it down and dare to speak out in public.

Good for that. And good for countless people who have certainly helped in this process in the same way that Osaka and Biles have done.


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