Max Kellerman is expected to be removed from ESPN’s ‘First Tech’

This is Stephen A.’s world and Max Kellerman will not be a part of it anytime soon.

Kellerman is expected to be removed from ESPN’s “First Tech” in which he and Stephen A. Smith engage in verbal fights every day.

This is not the end of Kellerman in ESPN, as it is likely that his role in ESPN radio and possibly his own TV show will increase. He already plans to focus on boxing.

Front Office Sports First reported. ESPN declined to comment.

For now, ESPN does not intend to replace Kellerman with anyone in particular. Instead, the rotation of verbal quarreling partners will likely take a short walk each morning from another ESPN show, “Get Up,” which is located in studios in the same port. Molly Cream is expected to continue hosting, but Smith is the undisputed star.

Removing Kellerman from “First Tech” has been on offer for a long time, as Smith has consolidated himself as the face of ESPN.

Smith, who signed a five-year, 60 60 million deal with ESPN in 2019, often looks disappointed with Kellerman.

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith
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The realization that Kellerman’s “first tech” days could be counted became even clearer a year ago, when ESPN made a run on former co-host Scape Bayless, although ESP For N + program.

In fact, ESPN Radio wanted to link Calisherman to Keshon Johnson on its Morning Show when it shook its entire lineup last spring. But Kellerman ended the two-hour national afternoon radio program, while Johnson worked with Jay Williams and Zabin Mahinti. Mahindi has been out for most of the year due to complications of diabetes.

Alan Hahn has filled the vacancy, and is in a position to handle the potential full-time.

Kellerman, though, is in the mix now, as he is expected to have his last meeting on “First Tech” soon.


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