Maxol embarks on £2m Kinnegar service station expansion

Local convenience store and retailer Maxol has begun work on expanding and developing its Kinnegar service station in Holywood, County Down.

The flagship project, which is part of a broader five-year investment program, is testing cutting-edge technology and innovation that will create a blueprint for the development of front decks at the Maxol Estate.

Kinnegar’s guiding principle, from design and construction to ongoing site operations, including fuel, food and amenities, is to use technology to create a significantly different service station that reduces the site’s existing carbon footprint by up to 40%.

Renovation initiatives include the installation of photovoltaic (solar) panels to reduce the site’s power import requirements; refrigeration systems with low energy consumption CO2; exhaust air and heat pump technology to reduce heating loads; and an energy management system to monitor and control the overall energy consumption of the facility.

For the first time in Northern Ireland, Maxol Kinnegar will supply the first dedicated electric vehicle (EV) hub with four high-speed chargers serving up to six vehicles simultaneously. The Electric Vehicle Center will provide up to 200kW of power, the highest charge currently available to the public at NI.

In terms of the forecourt, Kinnegar will continue to serve its large customer base with state-of-the-art fuel and parking spaces, more than doubling from the current 20 to 41 to ease on-site traffic flow even during peak trading periods.

In the course of development, Kinnegar’s current retail space will almost double. Customers can look forward to a much wider range and greater selection of locally produced products, including an expanded grocery offering, a large dedicated meat section, and an expanded range of fruits and vegetables, dairy products and frozen foods.

A new Daily Deli with a self-service chicken bar will be introduced, and Maxol is installing three self-checkout counters to handle the bulk of in-store transactions.

The double coffee offering of Barista Bar will be complemented by a new seating area where customers can relax in comfort, including while charging their electric car.

“This is an important milestone for us and marks an important step towards a more sustainable business,” said Brian Donaldson, CEO of The Maxol Group.

“We are bringing together a range of technologies and innovations that will create a blueprint that we will apply across our network to larger locations. This will lead to positive changes for our customers, the environment and our industry.

“In addition to making progress on sustainability, I am pleased that we are supporting the local community by creating 40 construction jobs during construction and up to 20 new jobs will be created in the store when construction is completed.

“This is Northern Ireland’s first dedicated EV center and marks the beginning of Maxol’s development of the right infrastructure across its network of service stations to support the transition to electric vehicles.

“We are also working hard to ensure that once development is complete, our customers can shop onsite for all their daily needs in a modern, vibrant and welcoming environment. It’s exciting to bring something so transformative to the area, and I’m glad that work is underway.”

Mark McCammond, Director of Retail Sales at Henderson Retail, Maxol’s licensee, said: “We are thrilled to see the work underway and when it is completed, our customers will receive a premium offer both at the forecourt and in the store.

“The site expansion will be welcomed by many who regularly shop with us, and we look forward to development progress in the coming weeks.”

Maxol Kinnegar will be completed by the opening in October.