Mayfair Art Weekend: There’s everything to see and do.


The sun is finally out and London is in full swing. And as if things can’t get better, Mayfair Art Weekend is just around the corner. For art lovers, it has been marked in the Diary for weeks: Dozens of galleries appear at the annual art event – both large and small – showcasing their incredible offerings on a busy weekend.

This year will feature 30 galleries including Hauser & Wirth, BASTIAN, Royal Academy of Arts and Richard Saltoun Gallery painting, photography, sculpture and more, as well as weekend talks, performances and events – and It’s all completely free. New galleries, including Pace, No. 9 Cork Street, Freeze, Carl Coastal and Sapling, are also joining the roster for the first time.

Gennadii Gogoliuk, meeting.

/ Photo courtesy of John Martin Gallery / Handout May Fair Art Weekend

Highlights include a new exhibition by English pop artist Sir Peter Blake (celebrating the artist’s 90th birthday)Th Birthday), Cat Apple’s Rainbow Showcase and Romina de Novelis’ Performance Showcase. And the weekend – which coincides with the first week of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and RA Schools Summer Show – will begin Friday night at Gallery HOP! 6pm to 8pm – Great for those who enjoy attending late night shows.

The Mayfair Sculpture Trail, which will run for six weeks from June 20 to July 31, will also be open for enjoyment. There will be an interactive outdoor exhibition of temporary sculptures, public art and permanent sculptures. Start watching David Brewer-Wiley at Berkeley Square, then head to New Bond Street to see Maurice Bulk dancing and Kojo Marfo’s new work in Grossvener Square.

So if you feel the need to clear the entire weekend from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th June, we do not blame you. Here’s a breakdown of some of our highlights.

Scene from the installation of the Summer Exhibition 2021 at the Royal Academy of Arts

/ David Perry / Royal Academy of Arts


BASTIAN’s show Emil Nolde: Anatomy of Light and Water will feature 15 never-before-seen ocean views on paper. Painter was one of the first artists to use oil painting and watercolor to discover colors, which made the exhibition a real treat for expressionist fans.

Cardi Gallery

German painter Wolf Vostel was one of the pioneers of video art and installation art. In Wolf Vostell: Destruction is Life we ​​get to see a selection of the artist’s work over the last two decades of his life – including videos, paintings, sculptures and installations.

Clarendon Fine Art

British photographer John Swannell is best known for working for major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s and Tytler. She had an incredible career, including a one-man show at the National Portrait Gallery in 1996, and Princess Diana personally commissioned her to photograph with her sons in 1994.

Here are some of the photos taken by the award-winning photographer for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar at John Swanel: Forty Years Online.

Woman dressed as Freda in front of a self-portrait of Jack Garfield, Freda Kahlo.

/ Courtesy of Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair / Handout May Fair Art Weekend


Italian visual artist Marinella Senator creates a work that is characterized by public participation. At the Marinella Senator: Afterglow participants await the “installation of special light statues throughout the city.” Interesting to say the least.

Mayor Gallery

Cat Apple: Rainbow 1965 is a re-enactment of Apple’s first solo exhibition, held in 1965 at the Bianchini Gallery in New York. The rainbow acts as the central figure throughout the exhibition, and uses electric light through a sculpture. Billy Apple® was one of the first people to use the medium during the day and so it is a real honor to be working in London now, almost 60 years later.

Yulia Ausselson

/ Courtesy Sapling Gallery / Handout May Fair Art Weekend

Browse and Darby

Forty-five years on Cork Street promises to be a great precedent for many of the artists they have worked with or exhibited over the years. The list includes Elizabeth Blakeider, Edgar Degas, Lucian Freud, Harold Gilman, Gavin John, William Nicholson, Walter Richard Secret, Matthew Smith and Avon Yuglo, to name a few!

Hauser & Wirth

Hauser & Wirth features two great artists. The first is Larry Bell, who is showing a new work in the exhibition Deconstructed Cube series. Bell was a key player in California’s Light and Space Movement and it is always a treat to see his work on this side of the pool (his last London show was at the White Cube in 2017).

There will also be previously unseen works by Venezuelan painter Lochita Hertado, known for his work on cosmology and transcendence.

Luke Samuel, Cloud, 2021

/ Handout / Mayfair Art Weekend

Weddington Custot

The Waddington Custot also features two exhibitions: Hans Hartung: Painter, Photographer and Peter Blake: Under Milk Wood. Hans Harting was best known for his paintings, but this exhibition shows the audience how important photography was to the artist as well. The Harting-Bergman Foundation owns about 30,000 photographic negatives – this will be the first time some of them will be on public display.

Second, a pop-up exhibit in front of the main gallery at 22 Cork Street will feature Sir Peter Blake’s work. There will be more than 150 watercolors, collages and drawings and some new pieces. And on the occasion of the show artist’s 90th birthday.

45 Park Lane

The 90th anniversary is no small feat, and can be celebrated at least twice. There will also be an exhibition of some of Sir Peter Blake’s works at 45 Park Lane. Joseph Cornell imagines the sixth American artist, who was one of Blake’s heroes, to travel to different parts of the world.

Larry Bell, Deconstructed Cube SS 2021.

/ © Larry Bell. Courtesy of Illustrator and Hauser & Worth Photo – Jeff McLane

Other galleries participating over the weekend include David Zorner, De Contemporary, E&R Sizer, Grossvener Chapel, Holterman Fine Art, Illuminating Productions, JD Malt Gallery, John Martin Gallery, Opera Gallery, Richard Salton Gallery, Rubel + Includes Woloch Contemporary. Print fair

More details about the Mayfair Art Weekend and the Mayfair Sculpture Trail can be found here. website