McConnell warned Biden that he would not help her again.

Washington – A day after lifting his party’s blockade and allowing a temporary increase in the federal debt ceiling, minority leader Senator Mitch McConnell warned President Biden on Friday that he had no plans to do so again. Don’t have December.

In a phone call he made to Biden, McConnell, who managed to get the votes needed to break his party’s blockade against raising the debt limit — and to get it himself Voted for — said Democrats shouldn’t expect that, according to a Republican Senate aide who will help in the future who is aware of the conversation.

This Thursday, the Senate approved a bill to raise the federal debt ceiling to 80 480 billion, which the Treasury Department said would continue until at least December 3.

Republicans strongly opposed, but 11 of them, including McConnell, broke ranks to get the 60 votes needed to overcome the blockade.

The move is expected to pass the House a few days before the October 18 deadline next week, when the Treasury Department said the government would not be able to borrow to meet its obligations under the current law.

McConnell has come under fire for allowing former President Donald J. Trump and some Republican allies to vote on raising the debt ceiling, after weeks of insisting his party would not do so.

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