Meczyki Comparison – Aire Meczyki Better Than the Competition?

Meczyki Comparison - Aire Meczyki Better Than the Competition?

Meczyki Comparison – Aire Meczyki Better Than the Competition?

Meczyki Comparison – Aire Meczyki Better Than the Competition? Meczyki, pronounced ‘Mek-like, is a high definition Pole bike. It has been produced by Real Madryt for many years and is loved by many who have tried it out. Many of the reviews you will read about Meczyki will mention the high-definition quality that this bike offers. This high definition quality is brought about by a number of factors.

One of the things that make Meczyki so unique is the fact that it uses a high-definition drivetrain. A drivetrain is an important part of any bike and Meczyki definitely has one of the best. The drivetrain uses a number of elements such as a chain guide, twin chainring, and a cassette system which allow for a smooth transition from top speed to low speed. The bike’s drivetrain is also assisted by a powerful triple chainring.

Meczyki also uses a high-definition seat that is made from carbon fiber. The carbon fiber used in the seat combines with the frame’s stiffness to ensure that the rider enjoys a complete riding experience. The seat is further assisted by a large rear rack mount, which allows the rider to store their bike when not on a ride. The bike is also fitted with a rearview mirror which adds to the safety levels of the Meczyki bikes. The mirrors are able to swivel allowing you to check the bike in clear detail and the bike’s suspension is also fully adjustable allowing the suspension to be adjusted as required.

Although the Meczyki bikes use a high-definition drivetrain and the frames are made from high strength carbon fiber, the suspension system on the bikes is a little less than full. The reason behind this is that Meczyki is primarily a touring bike and so uses a much lighter full suspension system. Meczyki does not use a traditional spring system as they feel that the shock absorbed by the rider is sufficient for the overall comfort of the rider. Instead, they have adopted the technology from their Pro Cycle range of bikes which uses a V-Twin engine with direct-coil. The engine is designed to give the best possible power and performance without putting undue pressure on the chassis.


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The Meczyki team prefers to use a high-performance racing bike rather than a street bike for touring because it enables them to take full advantage of the performance qualities of their suspension system. When touring they need to be able to rely on their suspension to provide the perfect ride and so the bikes are built to withstand the punishment involved on a bumpy road. Meczyki uses a twin-pipe suspension system on their touring bikes which are known as the ‘ram’ system. This is a clever design that has a main tube positioned at the front of the bike and two side tubes placed on each side.

The benefit of using this innovative design is that the weight of the bike is distributed across the whole bike and so all the weight is evenly divided between the front and rear suspensions. The use of titanium in the bike is another advantage, which reduces the weight and improves the strength of the bike. The frames of Meczyki bikes are lightweight and made from carbon fiber. The frames are made to be rigid enough to provide a smooth ride yet are light enough to enable the rider to carry out many different activities. Meczyki offers both hard and soft saddlebags and many models of bikes also feature mudguards.

Other features which Meczyki bikes come with include a top tube that is two inches longer than other leading bikes. The top tube of Meczyki Tour bikes is also two inches wider than the average bike. This allows for a more comfortable and optimized position for the rider whilst they are traveling fast. The bike also features a performance fork, which helps the rider to reduce the chances of losing control of the bike when going over obstacles or up slopes.

Meczyki also manufacture bikes for racing enthusiasts who are looking to customize their bike to enable it to best suit their individual needs. Some models of these bikes, called the Plummer bikes are built with the help of professional cycle racers so that they can provide a truly personalized experience. Meczyki has recently announced that they are to launch a new range of high-performance sports bikes called the Plummer bikes and these will feature some very exciting new design features. These new bikes are expected to go on sale in spring 2021 and can be pre-ordered online. If you are interested in buying a Meczyki, then you can get a good idea of what you need to look for by visiting the Meczyki website which provides a detailed and concise review of the bikes.


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