Medicare bills without vaccines exceeded 2 2 billion in June and July alone.

Chaplin Jocelyn Banks (R) reassures registered nurse Katie Kelly when she provided life-saving care to a patient on August 27, 2021, at the Coveid 19 Intensive Care Unit at Adventist Health in Sonora, California.  Covid 19 has been hospitalized since August 1, 2021, of whom 11 have died of the virus.  (Photo by Nick Corey / AFP) (Photo by NIC Corey / AFP via Getty Images)
These numbers do not include the emotional costs of our medical care providers.

According to History of internal medicine.The average cost of dying or dying on a ventilator was even higher, according to CNN. Being on a ventilator averages 1.17.1 days in hospital and costs $ 49,441 – about 300 times more than working twice a month. The average hospital stay for COVID-19 deaths was 11.3 days, at a cost of 32 32,015 – 200 times the cost of the vaccine’s Medicare. There are other studies with different numbers, but they are all numbers. In the same area – average costs between $ 17,000 and $ 24,000.

It makes sense if you understand elementary school math. As two elementary school-age children, you can understand me as Alan Turing of elementary school mathematics. During the consultation and incredibly dangerous. South Dakota Sturgess Motorcycle Rally Conducted in August 2020 – when no vaccine was available – the researchers estimated that the cost of the SuperSpeeder event would be public, i.Medical bill over time, about 12 12 billion. This analysis takes an approximate perspective. COVID-19 hospitalization capable of preventing 100,000 immunized adults Between June and July this summer, our healthcare system will cost about 2 2 billion.

Of The Washington Post. According to a large new study published today,People who were not fully vaccinated this spring and summer. The chances of being hospitalized were 10 times higher, and the chances of dying from covid 19 were 11 times higher than those who were fully vaccinated.

Keep in mind that these numbers do not take into account insurance other than Medicare. They do not take into account that so far, studies have shown the possibility of a person with the virus having long-term effects. Too small if you have already been vaccinated. And still catch the virus. Also, an added bonus is that once a full vaccination is given, Your chance to end up in the hospital if you catch a successful case

New York, New York - September 01: A small group of anti-vaccination protesters gather outside the New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City on September 1, 2021.  Hundreds of hospital workers across the state are protesting the move, following an order from former government Andrew Cuomo, which requires all hospital staff to be vaccinated.  (Photo by Spencer Plot / Getty Images)
Billions of people around the world have been vaccinated. “Guinea Pig” is a lazy thinking and deception.

The Republican Party, meanwhile, Which reduced Medicaid and Medicaid after paying امیر 1.5 trillion to the rich to reduce taxes., Is still trying to figure out ways to “reduce costs” on Medicare. The age of Medicare recipients has been raised to 69.. So they promote anti-vaccine misinformation, promote vaccine hesitation, and then make noise about Medicare costs. Their final game is a donor class in our healthcare control, which chooses who and what businesses don’t want to save based on their own foundations. So far, the Republican Party alone has killed 650,000 Americans during the epidemic.

There is no cure or vaccine or medicine or procedure that guarantees 100% effectiveness. But one thing is clear, medicine guarantees us the opportunity to fight the diseases for which they are prescribed. If you haven’t already, go and get the vaccine so that you and those around you have a chance to fight.

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