Médicos de Oaxaca liberan an 300 trabajadores del Insabi; los retuvieron casi 8 hours

Trabajadores del Health Institute for the Bienestar (Insabi) fueron liberados esta noche, despuets de permaneni casi 8 horas retenidos por Oaxaca eventual medicine.

Although at a very early moment it has been announced, the Director of the Institute, Juan Antonio Ferrer, no stagnant retention.

Respectfully, the Insabi Human Resources Coordinator and Staff Regulator, Candelario Pérez Alvarado, dijo a medios que el directivo salio from the installation of the installations.

Fueron 300 dicho employees Staff who are found in the same facilities when reading any medical to protest against what is considered unjustified despots.

Eran las 13:00 hours when the queues will be read to request a dialogue month with all the authorities of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and the Institute of Security and Social Services of Workers of the State (ISSSTE), will be notified.

The protesters accuse that on September 15, more than 2 mil 200 workers fueron cesados ​​de los servicios de salud de Oaxaca.

Agregaron que pese a los esfuerzos por dialogar med Juan Antonio Ferrer, no han tenido respuesta hasta el momento, for the one who decides to manifest in the Pacific form.



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