Meet Andrea Denver, Julia McGuire and others from the Bravo show.

after the. Summer house, Bravo is now starting his spin-off show. Winter house. The creators have welcomed many cast members. Summer house And Southern focus. To new A series of facts.

Official summary of Winter house Reads:

“When the temperature drops, the drama heats up! Start your last winter trip with Bravo’s beloved Summer House and Southern Charm cast members and their friends during a two-week vacation in Vermont.

In the upcoming six-episode series, viewers will be taken on an epic journey where the invasive cast will be seen joining the icy Shennigan and the hot tub drama.

Meet the cast of ‘Winter House’

Andrea Denver.

Fans of previous Bravo shows will see some new faces. Winter house And one of them is Andrea Denver. She is a professional model from Verona, Italy. He has managed to make good contacts by traveling around the world, booking music videos for big brands and celebrities.

I Winter houseDenver is ready to enter with a clear conscience, hoping to find love again. He had cheated on his girlfriend in the past and regretted his actions because their relationship was serious. In addition to its beauty, Denver will show off its skiing skills in the snowy mountains, provided it has won some skiing championships.

Julia McGuire

Winter House’s new cast member is Julia McGuire, a New York-based model friend. Summer house Star Paige DeSorbo (also seen on Winter House) McGuire knows that Denver has been given his professional and social circle.

In his cast bio, published on the network’s website, McGuire is described as “a blonde bum” who wants to enjoy his winter tour and entertain viewers. Fully ready. Although she may not be involved in any romantic drama, as she is determined. Relationship, McGuire hopes Cupid with his friends Reality Based.

Jason Cameron

Jason Cameron, a native of Rochester, is an established model working for a non-profit organization based in NYC. He has come a long way in his life, especially after the death of his mother. She died when she was a teenager. He grew up under the care of his grandmother. Unfortunately, she also died.

His cast describes Bio-Cameron as a socially active person.

“An extrovert with an active social calendar, Jason likes to keep the party going and keep tequila flowing.”

Gabriel Nairi.

Gabrielle Kniery is a St. Louis native and a model by profession. However, the epidemic stopped her work and forced her to do something new. He pigeonholed the good food and started a line of bottled salsa and marinades. Neri also published a collection of poems.

On Winter houseShe looks forward to experiencing life with a passionate staff, including Julia McGuire.

‘Other Winter House Cast Members’ Season 1

Winter house Season 1 will also feature Kill Cook, Kiara Miller, Amanda Batola, Craig Connor, Lindsay Hubbard, Austin Kroll, Page Desorbo and Luke Gilburnson.

They are the stars who have appeared in reality shows. Summer house And Southern focus.. during this, Winter house Season 1 is set to premiere on Bravo on Wednesday, October 20 at 9:00 pm (ET).


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