Men from Belfast take the longest to prepare for a party, a survey of British men has shown.

Belfast men spend more time getting ready to go out than their counterparts across the UK, a new survey of summer experiences has found.

According to a survey of 1,000 men aged 18 to 35, Belfast boys top the list of self-care time, taking 45 minutes to clean up before heading into the city.

The Cardiff men finished second with 36 minutes, followed by the Edinburgh men with 35 minutes, while the Leeds boys were the least image-conscious, taking just 26 minutes to prepare.

Reality shows such as Love Island, which feature handsome men with toned, tanned physiques, are thought to have led to increased awareness of male grooming.

The survey was conducted by men’s deodorant brand Lynx to find out how Generation Z and millennial men plan to have fun during the summer.

The results also show that 74% of men in the age group surveyed will experience a new experience for the first time this summer, including 39% of Belfast boys who are going to the festival for the first time and the same percentage of men who are planning dates. the game.

When it comes to what the men of Belfast look forward to most, 61% said traveling was top of their list. To live life to the fullest this summer, 46% said they would like to spend time with the people they love, and 39% would like to focus on taking care of themselves.


Men’s Grooming Expert Jason Shankey

The survey coincided with the launch of the new fragrance Epic Fresh by Lynx. The range includes body spray, antiperspirant and shower gel with notes of grapefruit and tropical pineapple.

The survey showed that 50% of men who took part in the survey said that the new fragrance makes them feel fresh, and as many as 92% said that smelling good is more important than looking good.

Local men share this trend, with 62% saying the compliment they would most like to receive is that they smell great (62%), followed by their ability to make their partner laugh (46%).

Luckily for those who are close friends with Belfast men, they change clothes at least once a day to stay fresh (69%). The same percentage say they shower as often as they need to, and 62% say they take care of their bodies with scented perfumes.

Belfast’s leading male hairdresser Jason Shankey said he believes there are several reasons why local lads have taken longer to get ready for the party, citing the reality show’s impact on body image and freedom after long lockdowns.

“Because TV influences young men, like Love Island and Take Me Out, young guys feel like they’re competing to look good for women,” he said.

“And with Northern Ireland having the longest lockdown of any region in the UK, there’s an unmet demand for guys to get out, let their hair down and get back into the dating scene.”

Award-winning makeup artist Paddy McGurgan said the increase in grooming products available for men, coupled with more openness about men’s grooming and body image, also led to more men from Northern Ireland taking better care of their appearance.

“I definitely think men are more self-care aware because of the sheer amount of products that are being sold for them right now,” he said.

“The number of local beauty salons and hairdressers has skyrocketed, and some men have asked me for advice on what cosmetics to buy for things like dark circles or problematic skin.

“Before, I think men would be too embarrassed to admit that they need time to prepare, but now it’s more normal to talk about these things.”

Paddy said his usual turnaround time for the evening was about half an hour, but he also spent time leading up to his “maintenance” regimen.

“It may take only half an hour of the night itself, but in advance I will cut my hair, trim my beard, put my eyebrows in order, maybe my face,” he said.

“It might feel like a military operation.”

He also admitted that he was quite surprised to learn that Belfast men spend the most time preparing.

“I expected Essex men to top the list,” Paddy said.

“But it’s nice to see the local guys are improving their playing style and taking more time and taking care of themselves.”