Mentorist is a book summary service that doubles as a coach

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Over the years, business coaches have become more common in entrepreneurship. And while there are many good reasons to be a business coach, it’s not in the cards for everyone. They can be very expensive, you may not have the time, or you may not have enough vision yet to really ask the right questions for your business.


But just because you’re not ready to be a business coach doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from learning new things. Reading is a great way to hone your entrepreneurial skills. If you don’t think you have time to read the entire book, try Mentorist Pro instead.

Mentorist is a book summary service Offering over 200 bestsellers in 11 genres, from business and leadership to personal development and philosophy. More importantly, summaries go deeper than other book summary services and provide actionable steps to apply the knowledge you’ve gained where you need it most in your life. Whether you need help overcoming a business challenge or you need help prioritizing a busy schedule, a mentor acts as a mentor to help you find success in your life.

With Mentorist, you’ll discover carefully compiled task lists and build your own list of favorite books for active learning. The platform lets you visualize your progress and set reminders to complete your tasks and chapters. It also incentivizes you by giving you points for completing activities and allows you to vote for the next book or app to bring to the platform.

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