Met Police officers send gun and rape images to ‘offensive’ WhatsApp group

PC Jonathan Cobbin, 35, PC William Neville, 34, and Joel Borders, 45, face charges of sending “indecent, obscene and threatening” messages, including while they were on duty.

In messages broadcast during his trial at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Cobain allegedly likened driving through Hounslow in west London to an “FGM patrol”, saying he wanted to prove himself. for “hoping to get into a fight”, and discussed a violent fantasy, it is said. .

“I can’t wait to pick up a gun so I can shoot something in the face,” Borders reportedly wrote.

Cobain is said to have replied: “Me too. I’d like to taser a cat and a dog to see which one reacts better. I think the cat will get angrier and the dog will.” will tease

“I want to test that theory. With kids too. Zip zip you little ***”.

Borders then allegedly replied: “And a couple of Downies?”, believed to be a reference to people with Down’s syndrome.

PC is alleged to have said of a female mate: “Lead me on then lock me up when I rape and beat her! Coward b*tch.”

Neville has been accused of referring to “Struggle Singles” when describing “a 15-year-old girl mentally pinned to the floor”, to which Cobain responded: “Haha Struggle Singles Always useful… good skills!”

Prosecutor Edward Brown QC told the court: “The defendants were all serving police officers when the messages were sent. On that occasion, they were on duty when the messages were sent.

On June 21, 2019, an anonymous officer wrote: “Dude they won’t leave you with your skills until you put a finger on a DV victim.”

Cobain then reportedly replied: “That’s right, the victims of DV love it… that’s why they’re victims more often.”

Eight days later, Cobain was accused of writing: “Got the bus through Hounslow… what happened through the Somali sh*thole. Awesome. Cat patrols… more like FGM patrols.

Borders is said to have written back: “Feltham is worse! I went there the other week and felt like a place on a domino!”, along with a series of emojis.

When another officer commented on “filthy Feltham”, Cobain reportedly wrote: “Walking into Hounslow Central, it was like walking with a deluxe color code.

“The shops weren’t even in English.”

Borders reportedly said: “Yeah, all shades of brown?!”, and Cobain replied: “Yeah and I think I was a yellow one. But he got lost because he asked me for directions.”

He added: “Hounslow is twinned with Bradford”, and Borders commented: “You know when the night shift is about to end in Hounslow because you can hear the call to prayer.”

On August 9, Borders reportedly wrote: “Lucky bastard! I bet I get paired up with the only gay guy on the section!

Cuban is then said to have replied: “Oh yeah I dealt with one of them, to get some attention for a hospital guard looking for self-harming Fogg.”

In another exchange, Cobain wrote: “That’s good mate. I’m hoping to get a fight or something to prove myself. This week is basically an arrest inquiry and so off. Done. Hospital guard.

Neville reportedly replied: “That’s sh*t. My first shift was third-wheeling, so relax. I’ve been an operator, where my first call was an urgent assistant. He went 15 on the floor in a mental state. Pinned the year-old girl. I knew all the struggle snuggles would come in handy at some point.

Cuban is credited with saying: “Haha struggle sneezes are always useful… nice skills!”

In a debate on April 5, 2019, Borders reportedly said: “I can’t wait to pick up a gun so I can shoot something in the face.”

Cobain is said to have replied: “Me too. I’d like to taser a cat and a dog to see which one reacts better. I think the cat will get angrier and the dog will.” will tease. I’d like to test that theory. Even with kids. Zip zip you a little ***”. Borders then says: “And a couple down?”

Mr Brown said the messages were sent to other police officers and members of the public in a WhatsApp group “in a spirited and encouraging manner”, adding that it “did not appear to be a disagreement”.

Cobban underwent firearms training with the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) in 2017 and volunteered to be a “race and diversity watchdog” for his unit.

He, Borders, and Neville, who all worked for CNC, were transferred to the Met in February 2019.

The messages were sent, the court heard, to a group called “Battle and Stoppers / Atkin’s puppets”, while the PCs were either in training or on probation in the Met Officers’ Service.

“Each defendant was a serving police officer, trained and employed to protect and assist the citizens of a very diverse city,” the prosecutor said.

He said the police firing caused “great distress to the public”, telling the court: “To mock the shooting of a member of the public in such a graphic manner is beyond the scope of any right-thinking and objective member of the public. It is very offensive.”

He said the sexist comments, including the suggestion of raping a female colleague, would “completely undermine efforts to encourage reporting of sexual violence by the police and to recruit female officers into the police force.”

Borders of Preston and Coban, from Didcot, Oxfordshire, both denied five charges of sending an offensive, indecent, obscene, or dangerous message or matter via a public communications network.

Neville, from Weybridge, Surrey, pleaded not guilty to two identical charges.

The trial is ongoing.