Meta is testing a new livestreaming platform for influencers called ‘Super’ – Meczyki.Net

According to a report by Meta, Meta is testing a new livestreaming platform for influencers called “Super” business Insider. The new platform allows influencers to host livestreams, earn revenue, and engage with audiences. The company reportedly paid influencers between $200 and $3,000 to use the platform for 30 minutes. Super entered development in late 2020 and is currently being built by Meta’s new product experimentation team.

“Super is a small, standalone experiment being built by New Product Experimentation (NPE) and currently testing with a small group of creators,” a Meta spokesperson told Meczyki.Net in an email.

Business Insider reports that Meta has recently contacted several creators asking them to try out the new project. The platform, which has similar functionality to Twitch, is currently being tested with less than 100 creators, including tech influencer Andrew Edwards and TikTok star Vienna Sky.

The platform currently works on a tiered system where viewers pay for access to the features included in the stream. Viewers can also leave a tip for livestreamers. The report states that creators pocket 100% of the tips and revenue earned through the tiered system.

“Right now, it’s web-only,” a Meta spokesperson told Business Insider. “They have been testing it very quietly for almost two years. The ultimate goal [of NPE projects] Ultimately creating the next standalone project that could be part of the Meta family of products.”

Super’s early testing of Meta comes as the company recently announced that Facebook was shutting down its Live Shopping feature on October 1 to focus on reels. After a series of short tests and beta tests, Livestream video purchases became publicly available on Facebook two years ago. A live shopping platform could eventually serve as a significant revenue stream for Facebook, thanks to selling fees. applied at checkout,

Livestream shopping is becoming increasingly popular in Asia, and especially in China. However, as both Facebook and TikTok are scaling back their live shopping plans, it seems that general consumer awareness and adoption of live video shopping outside Asia is still low.

However, early testing of Super shows that Meta believes there is a market for a livestream platform for influencers and creators. Meta is still in the early testing phase for the platform, and will likely change it according to feedback from the creators.