Metaverse still confuses consumers, but some signs of opportunity are emerging for businesses

Americans have consistently expressed skepticism, confusion, and mistrust about the metaverse in surveys. However, a recent survey found that more than half of people ages 13 to 60 think there are many ways virtual environments can make their lives easier – about how to create value in the virtual. Providing a strong signal to businesses.

In Survey, Compiled by UTA and Vox Media with data consultancy The Circus, 59 percent of more than 4,000 respondents said Metaverse will improve the real estate buying process. The same percentage expect it to improve the process of finding a fitness or exercise routine.

From furniture and home goods (which 53 percent said would do much better in a virtual environment) to clothing (53 percent) to makeup and beauty (50 percent), consumers were also excited about retail shopping in the Metaverse. More than half said they expected travel or vacation planning to improve as well. And survey respondents encouraged businesses to dive in: 80 percent reported being open to brands being involved in building the metaverse.

Much of the discourse about the metaverse involves the idea of ​​businesses augmenting reality with creative flourishes. But these data show that consumers are most interested in experiences that simplify browsing and shopping, suggesting that brands should focus instead on creating utilitarian virtual experiences.

To do this effectively your company will need to tread lightly to avoid isolated shoppers. Widespread doubts and fears about the metaverse still abound. one in harris pole Conducted in January and February, most respondents said they feared it would cause them to lose touch with reality. And in the same UTA/Vox study, Metaverse disbelievers showed: a third do not believe it will be something they will experience in their lifetime.

In addition, nearly half of the respondents reported fear that the metaverse would “disregard their physical surroundings and that they would lose pre-existing relationships and the ability to create new ones.” Too many heavy items to risk for a better couch-shopping experience.