Mets strike for answers after Steve Cohen’s criticism.

SAN FRANCISCO – If the Mets boss wants to put out a fire under a team that is frozen, charge-up hitters will spend more cage time giving results.

“We’re working hard every day,” said Louis Rosas, manager after Steve Cohen, owner of the Mets, on Wednesday. Criticized the team’s crime on Twitter..

“We need to improve. I need to improve,” said heating coach Hugh Cottlebaum before the Mets finished the series against the Giants at Oracle Park. “They are literally lubricating their butts here every day. It’s not a moral thing to do.

Cohen made a fuss over the answers after tweeting to the club’s hitters that it was “inconclusive”, following a five-game losing streak that washed them 4.5 games behind the Braves in the NL East.

The Mets have scored 17 runs in five losses against the NL West’s best teams, the Dodgers and Giants, who are proud of their two best chase rates in baseball. Mets The persecution rate is 28.8% Ranked 21st in the majors, Cohen said “the best teams have more discipline.”

Hugh Cottle Bam.
Hugh Cottle Bam.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Quattlebaum, which was promoted in May. Chile Davis fired., Was Cohen’s job on his way?

“Who knows,” said Cottlebaum, who added that he was open to ideas. “We’re thinking about what we can do to improve our day-to-day life.”

The hitting coach insisted on the results, saying that the Mets did not want to hit their hitters, even though their franchise owners clearly wanted results.

    Steve Cohen
Steve Cohen
Corey Spiken for the New York Post.

“We’ll see,” Kotal Bam said of how the tweet was handled at the clubhouse. “I haven’t talked to anyone about it yet.

“But these people inspire every day, no matter what.”


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